Australian ISPs Refuse To Censor The Internet

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It looks like the Australian government’s latest plan to censor the internet is running into a few snags. Earlier, one big ISP had agreed to take part, but only to show how stupid the plan was. However, a few readers have sent in the news that both Telstra and Internode have refused to take part in the trials that are starting up. Plus, the government is now claiming that the trials won’t involve any actual customers. And, from the sound of things, there is growing opposition to the entire plan, with opposition politicians pushing to scrap the whole thing. Maybe the current government officials pushing this plan should have thought through how this would go before unilaterally announcing the plan, and spending plenty of money on it.

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Comments on “Australian ISPs Refuse To Censor The Internet”

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william bradley says:

Australian internet censorship

It is a bad law that cannot be enforced.
Hmm, come to think of it don’t the drug laws contradict the law of supply and demand? You know, enforcement causes a shortage which drives up prices which thereby pulls in more suppliers?
Seems to me that censoring the internet is more than futile; censorship will cause a prohibition-type mentality and simply propagate that which it is trying to stop.
And what are they trying to censor? Porn? Bad taste? Art? Freedom of speech?

Jesse McNelis (user link) says:

Re: Australian internet censorship

They are trying to censor “unwanted content”, although not nobody has given a definition of that that refers to. I can’t imagine content that I wouldn’t want.

Lucky this plan is going down in flames, the liberals and the greens don’t support it, so it will never make it through the senate.

lance reynolds (profile) says:

Re: Re: Australian internet censorship

can we borrow a few of your greens and liberals? or maybe grow some we could have? ours don’t seem to be green enough to make much difference, and the ‘fact’ that they have to be affiliated with some christian church to get elected sorta ensures they’re not actually very liberal at all.

“unwanted content” will always be mostly about legislating our sexual morals, at least as long jesus, jehovah and mohammad hold sway. they are the same people who insist that gay folks getting married is an evil that should be stamped out. they’ll never get tired of trying to save us from the wages of sin.

please help make sure it goes down in flames _and_ is allowed to burn to ashes.

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