Turning Down A Chance To Own 10% Of Apple

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Computer Shopper is running an article, written by the magazine’s first editor, Stan Veit, talking about his experience running a small computer store in NY and dealing with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak before Apple was even a company — when they were pushing him to sell their Apple I machines (which were more computer boards than complete machines at the time). But the most amusing part is Steve Jobs’ offer to give him 10% of the company in exchange for $10,000. It’s an entertaining look into some of the very, very early days of Apple (when Woz was still working at HP). As for the opportunity (which Veit turned down) to invest, well, there’s a bit of a twist at the very end of the article, care of Woz’s mom.

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Comments on “Turning Down A Chance To Own 10% Of Apple”

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Anonymous Coward says:

For those not willing to put up with 5 pages of popups and ads

Mrs. Wozniak said, “Don’t feel bad, you were not the first person Jobs offered stock in the company for a small investment. When the boys needed printed circuit boards, Jobs offered an interest in the company to the man who did the boards. However they managed to pay for the boards and the man never got any stock. When Apple went public, Jobs would not give stock to several employees who made the Apple possible. My son gave them stock out of his allotment, or they would have never benefited from the long hours and devotion they put in to start the company. If you had given Jobs the money, he would have found a way to keep you from getting the stock.”

So this makes Jobs sound like a real asshole.

Anonymous Coward says:

jobs is a real tosser He see the vision and the Dollar and will step on anyone to get it, his apple 3 was a flop which he oversaw but did not design because he doesnt have a clue and then hired someone else to superceed it which became the apple mac then jobs took the credit for it. He can program but does not really design anything but like gates takes other peoples ideas and then gets rid off them! jobs is and ass and is a fraud like gates ! I could write an encyclopieda on the pr%#ks! when i lean how to spell that is!

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