Microsoft Jumping On The T-Shirt Bandwagon

from the softwear,-not-software dept

For years, critics of this site have made fun of us (incorrectly) by claiming that we’re really telling content creators of all kind to bet their business model on selling t-shirts. That, of course, isn’t true, but we keep seeing t-shirts show up in odd places — and recently discovered that the branded t-shirt market is a decent size. Who’s the latest to jump in? Apparently Microsoft. Seriously. Ad Age is reporting that Microsoft is coming out with its own clothing line, focusing on the sort of retro-geek/ironic look that’s been sort of trendy in the t-shirt space. They’re calling it “Softwear” (not software, get it?), and it will even include the infamous Bill Gates’ mugshot among other Microsoft-related images from the 80s. And, no, I doubt anyone expects this to be a big money maker, but with so many people actually selling t-shirts and with a bunch of folks in the comments recently requesting t-shirts from us, maybe we should have some fun and offer some up. I’d probably get one that read LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS of T-shirts.

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Comments on “Microsoft Jumping On The T-Shirt Bandwagon”

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Twinrova says:


I want a blue T-Shirt with the “Blue screen of death” text written on it.

And Mike, my t-shirt rebuttal was used as a metaphor given that’s what your blog stated. “Lottttttttttts of [add item here]” is what I’m going for.

But you can also replace with “Markup [add item here] well above cost to give away free.”


Vrobca says:


it confuses me to see so many people “wanting” a t-shirt from M$ when its an entirely different segment, and they have done such a crappy job in their own segment, i wouldn’t wear a M$ tshirt even if it gets me popular with my fellow geeks. I expect this so called “SoftWear” to transform into “MicroWear” the first time u wash it !!!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: And all I sold

Mikey is on BSA and CPF payroll

just to spread his bullshit and misinformation among techdirt lemming punk population

Hi angry dude,

Do you practice being a hypocrite, or does it come naturally? Bullshit, misinformation, and lies seems to be your forte more than anyone else’s.

DumbLuck (user link) says:

I'm a PC Stickers for the Apple Store!

I got some MS Swag from this site. Lots of geeks stuff, for all us MSFT’s. I put these stickers on every freaking VW beatle I come across, and under the Laptops at the Apple Store…..Gotta love it!

I’m a PC Merchandise. Stickers Shirts and everything.

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