'Smart' CCTV Supposedly Recognizes Crime

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A city in England has installed a “smart CCTV” system, which is claimed to be able to detect certain behavior or incidents (via The Register) and to alert camera operators to follow up. The system is supposed to give operators the ability to monitor large numbers of cameras at once, more than they can do just by watching TV screens. This type of technology has been around for a little while, but doesn’t seem to have set the world alight just yet. It’s doubtful that these devices will actually make any significant reduction in crime (perhaps predicting and preventing crime comes in version 2.0), and will serve merely as an excuse to blanket more and more areas with CCTV coverage, putting wider and wider swathes of people’s lives under surveillance.

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Comments on “'Smart' CCTV Supposedly Recognizes Crime”

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Sean (user link) says:

Doesn't seem too groundbreaking...

Seeing as how CCTV systems can already recognise movement, it doesn’t seem too much of an advance to program it to recognise different velocities.

It doesn’t actually recognises crime, it just alerts the operator to certain criteria-meeting factors (excessive movement, any movement in a zone etc.)
So negative marks on the sensationalised headline there…

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