Online Psychics: A Growth Business In Down Times

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I’m definitely a big believer in the idea that there are some businesses that thrive especially in economic down times, and that any business should be looking to take advantages of those opportunities — but I’m not exactly sure that online psychics were what I was thinking of at the time. Apparently, the online psychic business is booming these days, as people with more money than sense figure the best thing to do is ask a psychic what’s coming down the road in their financial future. I don’t necessarily mean to cast aspersions on the psychic profession, but my own view into the crystal ball suggests that if you want to have more money than otherwise in the future, you shouldn’t spend what money you do have on psychic readings.

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Comments on “Online Psychics: A Growth Business In Down Times”

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TX CHL Instructor (profile) says:

Maybe I'm in the wrong line of business...

I should check out this online psychic thing. May even be more lucrative than playing poker with a bunch of college kids away from home for the first time, who think it’s a game of chance…

As Robert Heinlein once opined, you have a moral duty to separate a fool from his money.

Naaaaaaaah… Tempting, but not my style.

Anonymous Coward says:

Psychic baiting

We had an electronics convention in the same hotel as a Psychic Convention one year, and a group of us went up to their registration desk and stood in line. When our turn came, the “psychic” asked us for our names. We replied with a name and “But you already know that, and you knew we were coming.” Her search for the registration materials assigned to us was of course fruitless.
Alas, she didn’t get the joke.

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