Don't Worry About MPAA's Congrats To Obama

from the step-back-from-the-ledge dept

A bunch of folks have been sending in Wired’s short article claiming that the MPAA is “already lobbying Obama.” And, while I’m certainly never one to suggest that the MPAA isn’t full of sneaky tricks, this is hardly anything to get worked up about. I don’t even understand why Wired posted it, other than to get people angry. The MPAA, like pretty much every major lobbying organization, put out statements congratulating Obama. That’s what you do as a lobbying group, and it’s entirely meaningless at this point. I have no doubt that the MPAA will pull plenty of misleading stunts over the next four years, and most likely will convince all sorts of politicians, including Obama, to put into place bad laws. But a simple congratulations statement from a lobbying group is hardly a sign of impending doom.

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Comments on “Don't Worry About MPAA's Congrats To Obama”

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eleete (user link) says:

The Facts

Actually if you follow the money, it is Very concerning. He is the number one recipient of that industry’s money. Music included. Guess only time will tell what he will do with Intellectual Property laws. He is, after all, a lawyer, and those usually benefit most from the suits discussed here.

Craving Cupbord says:

Good Job, Eleete!

LOL, Eleete is on it!

But more interesting is Dan Glickman’s non-donation to the Obama Campaign. Perhaps he ran out of cash, or donating to Obama’s Campaign was an afterthought.

I see the article as more of a love letter: “Come get super chummy and smoke a fat stogie with the head of the nation’s greatest non-profit.”


Wolferz (profile) says:

Re: Incredible

And who picks the only two options we get every 4 years for president? Members of congress. And who picks the supreme court justices? The president.

When you think about it, we haven’t really had a president that bucked the system since JFK… and he got assassinated. Conspiracy theories aside you have to note that it makes for a hell of a coincidence.

Every candidate in decades has been more of the same with the exception of Reagan… and only because he had the charisma and money to run whether the established parties wanted him to or not. Each one has had less of a back bone than the last. Each one has been more and more in line with his parties rhetoric. And the Supreme Court? Well go do a comparison of which judges were appointed by which presidents… tell me you don’t notice a pattern.

Yes we have three branches, but the lines between those branches in continuing to get more and more blurry with each passing decade while at the same time the power of the legislative branch continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

Think about it. This is the greatest danger of our existing (psuedo-)two party system. Look closely and you can even see the steps both dominant parties have taken to make sure there aren’t any more parties rising to power.

eleete (user link) says:

Re: Re:

Again, facts are handy, where does McCain rank on this site showing you where that industry money is going ? In fact where are the republicans regarding this ? I’m not for either party, but when you put the dollars next to the ‘representative’ it paints a pretty clear picture.


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