Marty, The Dot Com Cleanup Guy, Is Baaaaaaack

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Want to know how healthy Silicon Valley startups are at any moment in time? One good way to judge is to just look at the sort of press that Marty Pichinson is getting. We first wrote about Marty, the dot com cleanup guy, back in 2002 when he was the public face of all those dot coms that were shutting down, following the first dot com bubble burst. Throughout that year there were a few more profiles of Marty. Even through 2004, we were still reading about how the startup liquidation business was going strong. Yet, in 2007, as the whole Web 2.0 bubble was inflating, Marty wasn’t looking so hot. Business was slow and he was laying off people and shutting down offices.

But with the new financial crisis in full swing, have no fear: Marty’s back! He’s out amongst the press again, providing interviews on the best ways for startups to deal with impending financial troubles. And, of course, in the worst case scenario, I’m sure he’d love to help liquidate your business for you.

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