Perhaps Turkey Should Just Ban The Entire Internet

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It would appear that the Turkish government and courts are a bit trigger happy when it comes to flat-out banning websites for almost no reason at all. In the past, we’ve reported on Turkish bans on YouTube, Slide, and Google Groups. Now, via Slashdot, we see that a Turkish court has banned all of Google’s Blogger service including all of the blogs hosted at Unlike the bans of the other sites, which happened after people who were offended by content found on each complained, it appears that the Blogger ban was due to a Turkish TV service, Digiturk, which was upset that some Blogger users were posting links to unauthorized streams of Turkish football matches.

Yes, you read that correctly. Because a few bloggers had linked to (not even hosted) some unauthorized streams of a sporting event, Digiturk was able to ban all of Blogger. At this point, you have to wonder why Turkey allows the internet at all.

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Comments on “Perhaps Turkey Should Just Ban The Entire Internet”

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ATiM says:

Re: Turky Ban Blogger Blogs

This country’s name or its history doesn’t have any relation with “Turkey” animal. This countrys local name Turkiye and International name should be Turkiye or Turkei. But centuries ago some of your smartass people started to call our country as Turkey and came that way today. Whatever you call, It’s not make our country related to any animal. What you think if entire world know your country as porky or ostrich while there is no reason? Our only historic and mythic animal is grey wolf by the way.

eleete (user link) says:

Re: Re: Flamingo

Well yes and no, I did mistake the Flamingo, but it turns out, neither bury their heads in the sand…..

If threatened while sitting on the nest, which is simply a cavity scooped in the earth, the hen presses her long neck flat along the ground, blending with the background. Ostriches, contrary to popular belief, do not bury their heads in the sand.

Keyser Soze says:

Digiturk are just safeguarding their investment, i.e. the rights to show the national football league matches exclusively to paying cable subscribers. At the same time the US is also prosecuting people for file sharing, thereby safeguarding the commercial interests of recoriding artists, software houses and the studios. So shut it you blinkered muppets.

Fried Turkey says:

Turkish People the most dumb,unethical,NO God, selfish, name it

Ive been working with turkish people, there are so many manners and characters you will never gonna like with these people..They are weird and arrogant..They claim that they are part of Europe yet Europe never even claim nor want them to be part of Europe..Second, They are muslims yet they never practice muslim culture..look at the way they dress and how they treat women.they love sex, and most of there men are gays why? because they want relationship with guys..Third,They are fucking arrogant, they think of themselves as like White people..yet they are the dumbest people i have ever known..They are not organize, they are not intelligent..they just have a very strong confidence level..they are unethical..not hospitable, they are anti American. anti Israel..any bad ass attitude are traits of Turkish people..

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