Judge Reject's Woman's Request For A Jury Trial; Orders Her To Pay RIAA

from the vexatious-indeed dept

Ignoring numerous other court rulings concerning whether or not “making available” is copyright infringement, a judge has rejected a woman’s request for a jury trial in her file sharing lawsuit, and ordered her to pay the $7,400 fine already set. This was the case we had just discussed last week, where the woman claimed that the RIAA only had evidence that she had shared six songs, even though she admitted to making 37 songs available. There was already an agreement in place that the fine would be $200/song, so the real question was whether it should be $7,400 or $1,200. The woman argued that, in light of the Jammie Thomas mistrial and other rulings, the RIAA needed to show actual infringement, rather than just that the files were made available. Unfortunately, this judge rejected that argument and ordered her to pay the full $7,400.

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Comments on “Judge Reject's Woman's Request For A Jury Trial; Orders Her To Pay RIAA”

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The **AA Machine says:

This group is so %^#*! greedy they will sue anybody for any reason, with little to no evidence and get away with it. They are trying to “protect” an old outdated business model. They’re just throwing their money around just to sue there customers and make more money, although in this case they got 7,400$ they must have paid more then that in lawyers fees. If these cases would stop making the “press/tv” and stop getting free advertising that “we’ll sue you, its stealing” it might slow the machine down a bit.
This whole **aa sucks, they’re still filthy rich, but they may have to settle for a high end BMW then a Bentley, might not be so bad if some of these settlements actually went to artists.

Enorme Nuez (user link) says:


The RIAA are nothing more than a lobbyist group. They are not there to protect the rights of the artists, just the recording companies that have imploding under their massive egos. The “major” recording companies had years to get onboard the tech-train; it’s not the Internet just popped up one day. They want to keep their system in place so they maximize their profits while ripping off the artist who created the source of their revenue and most of all the consumer.

The RIAA can eat a d*ck.

Pissed says:

Grow UP

Anonymous, Grow up!!!! I am sick of you left wingers blaming everything on Bush. I almost hope Bin Laden, oooops I mean Obama wins so that idiots like you get what you deserve. Yes, you should pay for your music, This I want it, I am going to take it mentality is so juvenile. No wonder everyone want Free, Free, gimme, gimme. and who cares where it comes from.. We are fat and lazy and you should take care of us because it’s not our fault that the rich people worked hard, we just want so give it to us…..

F**K OFF !!!

flesh99 says:

Agreement in place


The post is not quite accurate or at the very least misleading. The judge rejected vacating his summary judgment. There is a already a verdict entered. This is not something that is without precedent. It is also grounds for an appeal which TFA says the lawyer is planning. The judge doesn’t have to vacate his already entered judgment although it may have been the best course of action for the defendant for him to do so.

This will play out on appeal. All we have here is one judge not vacating a verdict. It happens all the time. What matters here is not the judge in this case but the appeal. Nothing to even really get up in arms about other than a lazy judge who didn’t want to re-try a case he’d already decided on.

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