How To Do Advertising On YouTube: Make It Awesome

from the content-equals-advertising dept

In the past, as we’ve talked about how advertising is content and content is advertising, we’ve pointed out that many folks who worry about “advertising” on YouTube are missing out on the fact that the YouTube videos are advertising themselves. But, of course, with millions and millions of videos on YouTube, it helps to do something special. Our own Tim Lee sent over this example of a YouTube video about a Nintendo Wii game that’s worth watching in its entirety, just to see what happens. Can’t say much more about it, other than that you should watch the whole thing. It acts as fantastic content and fantastic advertising in a single shot — without “overlays” or “prerolls” or anything like that. It’s yet another example of how a YouTube video fits in when people recognizes that content is advertising… and advertising is content.

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Comments on “How To Do Advertising On YouTube: Make It Awesome”

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Chronno S. Trigger (user link) says:

That was freegen sweet

I had my window shrunk so it just showed the video because we have a stupid internet policy where I work. I paused the video to let it buffer and scrolled down to read the comments and saw the progress bar hanging from the video at an angle. I continued to look around and saw scroll bars, tables and even links had fallen down. I had to reload the page just to see it again.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Didn't see it till the end the first time

I bet it did and you just didn’t notice…

Show it to someone else while you’re there and see how long it takes them to notice what’s happening. My colleague didn’t notice until very near the end.

cool thing is that even after they fall all over the place, most of the links still work. You would expect a few to get “broken”

mlgreen8753 (profile) says:

Never Heard That One Before

I’ve never heard that saying but it’s so true. If you have good content people will sell themselves on whatever related product you’re pushing in the that market. Videos certainly allow you to provide extra layers of content through visual and audio aids. YouTube is a must in video marketing, but other another site I recommend, which is more commercial friendly is Adwido.

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