T-Mobile Says It Was Only Kidding About That 1GB Soft Cap On G1 Data Use

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So after a bunch of tech sites pointed out how ridiculous it was that T-Mobile was claiming “unlimited” data plans on the new G1 “Google Android” phone, T-Mobile quickly scrambled to say that they were ditching the 1 gig limit, though they may still replace it with something else (perhaps when tech bloggers aren’t paying attention, one would imagine).

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Comments on “T-Mobile Says It Was Only Kidding About That 1GB Soft Cap On G1 Data Use”

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hegemon13 says:

They listened!

Hey, you have to be at least a little impressed that they actually listened to customer concerns and adjusted their plan accordingly. That’s why I have T-mobile and will never switch, unless their philosophy starts to follow the other carriers. Verizon has been getting complaints about its 1GB then cutoff “unlimited” plan for several years, and I haven’t seen them do a thing to adapt. That is the whole reason my former employer switched our entire fleet of technicians away from Verizon.

Sam says:

It's all about the coverage

T-Mobile *is* a great provider. Their customer service is absolutely top notch, at least in my person experience compared to Spring, AT&T, and Verizon. Their plans are usually very competitive as well. They have very open policies about unlocking phones, tethering, etc. They are ‘phone geek’ friendly. The problem with them, though, is coverage. For anyone switching to T-Mobile, be sure you check the coverage maps of where you think you will want to be. Of course this will vary from place to place, but where I live, their coverage is terrible. In many places, you get ‘NO SERVICE’. Not even no nothing. Can’t make a call to literally save your life. Their data is EDGE in 99% of their markets – they’re *way* behind AT&T in 3G, and AT&T’s 3G coverage is pretty bad anyway. The G1 is a worthy competitor to the iPhone, and T-Mobile is a great provider. I just wish their network was better.

Spectere (profile) says:

Re: Re: I love T-Mob


I’ve been using T-Mobile for about four years now and have yet to have any major problems with it. The only real issue I’ve had with them is that their phone selection used to be less-than-stellar (at least in the US market) but (1) since it’s GSM it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by buying an unlocked phone and (2) that’s been changing in the past year or two. Aside from that, it was easy to sign up, the plans are competitive, and they generally come to us when they improve the family plans rather than us having to ask them to upgrade them.

I’m really excited about them being the first provider with Android, too. It seems like just about every mobile provider has their own “exclusive” phone (AT&T has the iPhone, Verizon has the LG Dare, etc). Speaking as a customer, it’s kind of nice that T-Mo is getting one of their own, if anything so that I can get my hands on a fancy new gizmo without having to switch providers or do too much searching for one. 🙂

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