Scammers' ISP Off The Internet… Temporarily

from the well-that's-one-way-to-deal-with-it dept

Apparently an ISP that’s got quite the reputation of being “scammer-friendly” is finding it increasingly difficult to find anyone who will provide it internet access. Its latest upstream provider finally kicked it off the internet this past weekend after receiving mounting complaints from researchers who found that 78% of the domains on Intercage’s system were scammers and spammers. That’s quite a lot, and says something about Intercage’s unwillingness to deal with complaints directly. Though, it does raise questions about the “innocent bystanders” who make up the other 22% of Intercage’s customers. Should those customers be expected to investigate who else hosts on the ISP they sign up for? Is it fair to cut them off from the internet too? In the meantime, there’s always someone else willing to provide service — and, indeed, it took all of about two days for Intercage to find itself a new provider.

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Comments on “Scammers' ISP Off The Internet… Temporarily”

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mobiGeek says:

Re: Re:

But typically the market will take care of the problems. It takes longer than if there was a gov’t regulation to invoke police action (or whatever), but in the case of a platform that allows users to abuse its service, either they will resolve the abuse or they will simply lose customers to the competition.

No one wants to be on a platform full of comments from drooling txt spk mor0ns.

And since the internet truly is a peering system, if you allow rampant stupidity, your peers begin to ignore you.

Anonymous Coward says:

Maybe the 22% were not so innocent

They didn’t *find* malware on 22% of the sites. Some of these sites may not have been under development, and some might have had malware that was not detected. I am definitely guilty of assuming guilt by association, but if I understand how Intercage worked, they did not solicit regular websites. It is unfortunate if some innocents did get swept along in this, but any small business (even brick and mortar shops)has a risk of getting swept away due to outside forces.

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