When Microsoft Sends Its Legal Dept. To Give Quotes On Product Launches, Something Is Wrong

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We’ve noted the very clear shift in patent strategies at Microsoft over the years — from a company that hated patents to one that now views them as central to its mission, and often uses them to threaten competitors. However, you want to know when things have really gone too far? It’s when the company is sending out the legal department to provide press quotes on a “product launch” that is tied to a technology licensing deal. As Matt Asay points out in the link here, in a story about Novell launching Linux on a Windows virtualization offering, there are two quotes from Microsoft employees — and both appear to come from the legal department rather than a product role. What used to be an innovative company working on new stuff is apparently turning into a legal firm trying to put tollbooths on innovation. It’s sad.

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Comments on “When Microsoft Sends Its Legal Dept. To Give Quotes On Product Launches, Something Is Wrong”

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Zag says:

MS Legal

I just finished a stint at Microsoft. Legal has its fingers in everything. They claim the right to review and approve every new idea generated at that company, which is one of the reasons that very few new ideas emerge from Redmond these days. Everyone else there hates the lawyers, but they’re afraid of them. All part of the Ballmer legacy, and it’s a hell of a way to run a company.

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