Old Media Always Afraid of New Media… Even Back in 1929

from the history-lesson dept

Petrea Mitchell reminds us that “old media” always ends up reacting poorly to “new media” no matter what we’re talking about. As an example she points to this story about theaters (the kind that put on plays) fearing new-fangled radio broadcasters back in 1929:

Once upon a time, complimentary theatre tickets would come with a covering note like this: “Dear Sir, The Management of the —— Theatre will be much obliged if you will very kindly co-operate with them in safeguarding the enclosed invitation from being used for the purpose of broadcasting a notice of the play from any station of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The invitation is intended to meet the convenience of legitimate journalism, exclusive of broadcasting.” Dated 10 October 1929 and quoted in Ego: The Autobiography of James Agate (1935)

That’s right. If you were a journalist who was given free tickets, you could report about it the newspaper, but heaven forbid you talk about it on the “radio.” Why, that would just be bad.

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Comments on “Old Media Always Afraid of New Media… Even Back in 1929”

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pornolover says:

Could porn save America . . . ?

When the movie business was sure video tape was going to kill them, the prono guys embraced it and thrived. When the movie business said the internet and digital video was going to kill them, the porno guys embraced it and thrived. I think some of these big “media giants” should head over to the San Fernando valley to scout for some new execs who understand how to grow thier market by utilizing new technologies and stop trying to slow thier market loss by attempting to limit the impact of new technologies. – my two cents

Chiropetra says:

Re: Re: Re: Could porn save America . . . ?

This is why I titled my blog “Heresy, Pornography and Treason”

The new media are always used to spread heterodox religious, moral and political ideas — “heresy pornography and treason” to the people on top.

The printing press and the Reformation is a classic example. However the printing press was also the birth of pornography in the modern sense — as distinct from dirty pictures which we have always had with us.

Hulser says:

Re: Re:

Wow, the intellect on this site has recently skyrocketed. I see that Mike really pulls in the smart ones to brainwash.

Maybe it’s because of my lack of intellect, but I don’t see anything in the previous comments that warrants your sarcastic comment. Would you care to elaborate or are you satisfied by just lobbing indirect and unsupported criticisms? (And please don’t tell me you’re insinuating that someone who makes a comment about the porn business is somehow automatically stupid. You may not agree morally with the business of porn, but it is a business.)

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