Escaped Spammer Found Dead In Murder/Suicide

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Earlier this week, we had mentioned that convicted spammer Edward Davidson had escaped from a minimum security prison, where he was serving 21 months. Now the news is coming out that apparently he has apparently killed his wife and toddler before killing himself. Yikes.

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Comments on “Escaped Spammer Found Dead In Murder/Suicide”

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Mike says:

Get our heads out of our butts...

… we focus on things that do not matter – like making celebrities out of Spammers or Hackers – and we think that is the ultimate claim to fame. But yesterday a little girl, a woman, and a deranged man all left this earth. As I read some of the comments, people are arguing about “what is it his wife or …” – c’mon, do you think that matters? What matters is the total destruction of a man’s life and the dreadful sin tat was done to innocent victims. We live in a society that intellectualizes depravity, feels entitled to everything, has no conception of consequences, and clearly makes this material world their god. I for one am deeply saddened at the loss of these lives. I can only pray that they are in the hands of God – I am not sure whose hands he is in (or was)…

Devil's Advocate says:

Re: Get our heads out of our butts...

Sure, that’s all well and good, but fact being that this “man” took his own life and decided to do so only after killing a child and a woman.

He lived life as a coward and human garbage.

He went out the same way. Cosmic Balance is funny that way.

To actually be genuinely surprised this happened would be naive. I was kind of expecting he’d hang himself in “prison” but it seems that I was half wrong.

Your Gawd and Master says:

Re: Get our heads out of our butts...

Screw that. Fuck that guy and his crotch fruit. Less of that shit in the gene pool. It’s women who can be “forced” to help someone escape that enable these asshats to do this type of shit. He obviously wasn’t a decent human being or else he wouldn’t have been a spammer, or a murderer so fuck him.

Your Gawd and Master says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Get our heads out of our butts...

Funny you used the word moral which involves a judgement by a single, external entity as opposed to ethics which are agreed upon by all involved.

I don’t care about morals or any of your judgements that go with them because morals don’t achieve anything but hypocrisy. I’ll happily admit the deepest darkest secrets of my life because I’m not afraid of being judged. You seem to think that hiding those evil thoughts makes them go away. It doesn’t and you’ll be tortured with yours till the day you die but mine are here for everyone to see.

The guy was a scumbag through and through and I’m glad he’s dead, if he took some people with him, so be it. In terms of costs vs. benefits, we won.

Anonymous Coward says:

“I for one am deeply saddened at the loss of these lives.”

If I were “deeply saddened” every time an innocent lost their life I wouldn’t have time to feel much else. Yes we intellectualize depravity, But we live in a depraved world and giving full emotional attention to the tragedies of strangers is not going to help us deal with that any better. In fact it would probably make things worse. Why do we care if its his wife? Well we don’t really but his wife helped him escape. She risked a jail sentence to help someone that she obviously cared about, temporarily avoid a mild punishment and she was repaid with her death and the death of presumably her daughter. Instant Karma with a moral lesson.

Now climb down off your soap box please. No one is happy about the way this ended.

Richard Ahlquist (profile) says:

I am sure the people

…so willing to blame Lori Drew will be happy to point out its all the courts fault and they should be held liable for this heinous act! ../sarcasm

Is it just me or dont you love the spin the media is putting on this in some spaces “he forced his wife” yeah because a wife never does anything wrong for the man she married. Sick bastard, too bad he was given the opportunity by bleeding heart justice to be allowed to do this.

PaulT (profile) says:


This is very sad but, this is one of those things that annoys me about the media in some ways. The guy committed some crimes, escaped prison then killed his family. But, everyone seems to be emphasising the “spam king” angle. This is irrelevant, of course. The crime he was incarcerated for is nothing to do with his actions afterwards.

I fear this will be yet another case where the real problems (investigation of how he escaped, why he took such drastic action and what measures can be taken to stop a future occurrence) will be swept under the carpet in favour of a fad issue. My thoughts are with the innocents who lost their lives here, not the fact that I had to delete a few unwanted emails this morning.

John says:

Re: Sad...

It has everything to do with what he was convicted of… He had no respect for others rights or privacy, as long as he profited from it as the spam king… He had no respect for his family’s right to live, their right to exist without him, so he killed them… A normal reaction in a world where enforcing morality is frowned on…


Anonymous Cowherd (user link) says:

News site wonkiness

I don’t suppose you could use a better news site as a source in the future? This one has some … issues.

Most notably, the article is polluted with irrelevant links. The description of the vehicle was made a link to the manufacturer’s web site, and the manufacturer’s stock symbol is linked, both of which seem gratuitous, and may not provide the manufacturer with the kind of publicity they’d want, either.

News content is supposed to be focused on the actual news story. The make and model of a vehicle used in connection with a crime is a matter of legitimate interest, but a link like that one does not add anything to the story and looks suspiciously (whether or not it *is*) like paid advertising or “product placement” in a very inappropriate place (a news story!)…(it would be different if it was, say, the getaway vehicle of suspects still at large and they embedded an image of the make and model of vehicle, perhaps from the manufacturer’s web site; that would add to the story and serve the public interest by helping people possibly spot the getaway car and phone in tips to the police.)

The stock symbol is even more pointless. The stock symbol for a given company only belongs linked in news stories where that company plays a significant role in the story as an active participant in the events discussed. In this instance, Toyota merely manufactured a car that later was connected with a criminal activity. This is not active participation. Toyota’s stock symbol belongs in news stories where Toyota actually did something, such as laid off 4000 workers or announced a merger or whatever. Toyota is peripheral to this particular set of events, however. Even whatever spamming company the spammer worked for is peripheral in this case.

That news site is, at best, guilty of poor focus and irrelevant meanderings in mid-stream, and at worst of actually adulterating the content a news story in return for money.

Find a better one to use for future citations, please.

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