Massive Backlash Against Sweden's Internet Spying Bill

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We were surprised that politicians in Sweden approved a highly questionable bill that allowed rather widespread spying on all sorts of internet communications, despite widespread protests. Of course, now that the bill has become law, it seems that the protests are only getting much, much louder, going beyond the initial group of bloggers complaining to the mainstream press, and including large companies like Google and Telia moving servers out of Sweden to protect their users. Plus, nearby Belgium is threatening to sue, pointing out that Belgian citizens may be spied on without any apparent reason. Amazingly, the politicians who approved this bill are staying largely silent, despite the growing clamor about it. They originally tried to brush off the complaints from “spirited amateurs” who just need to just need to “calm down.” But that doesn’t seem to be working very well.

While it’s unclear what will happen here, this is just the latest in a long line of recent efforts to bring together people to call attention to questionable political moves that politicians in the past have been able to sneak through with little public scrutiny. While there is always some risk of misdirecting the potential “mob mentality” that can arise in these situations, it should make politicians start to think twice before believing they can just sneak through any law.

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Comments on “Massive Backlash Against Sweden's Internet Spying Bill”

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JMuniz3 says:


Why politicians’ feel the need to spy on the people they represent and are supposed to protect will never make sense to me. Do they feel that we are children that must be protected at all costs without our knowledge or approval. Politicians need to realize that the kind of control they strive for will never be allowed by any of their citizens. Any person that allows that kind of state control is truly living with their head in the sand. This law in Sweden whether it had good intentions or malicious intent should never have been passed. Common sense trumps any wishful thinking or bad ideas before such thoughts become action and then eventually the evil that is documented throughout history in the name of security and harmony.

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