If You Must Make A Hidden Camera, Don't Make It Look Like Garbage

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Here’s one for the “didn’t quite think that through, did you” files. Gizmodo points us to the news that British authorities trying to prevent illegal trash dumping put a hidden camera at a popular dumping site. The only problem was that they disguised the hidden camera (which cost somewhere around $20,000 — I have no clue why it cost so much) as a trash bag, and neglected to tell the folks in charge of cleaning up the site. So, yes, they threw out the hidden camera. Whoops.

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Comments on “If You Must Make A Hidden Camera, Don't Make It Look Like Garbage”

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Paul says:

Camera Cost

The cost of the camera is so high because it is a high quality camera that has to be durable, have enough space to store 24+ hours of high quality footage and the ability to transmit it wirelessly, such as to a nearby van where the authorities are watching from.

It needs some pretty good batteries to run that long, and smaller lighter batteries cost a lot more.

Plus you have to add the government tax on it. You pretty much just double the price of it, and half of it is just tax dollars being spent elsewhere, that is how the government transfers funds between departments after an approved budget, so it looks good on paper but the money is still really just going to the war.

Andy says:


Why did it cost so much? – Because the hack that wrote the story made up an “estimate” as the ACTUAL cost wasn’t disclosed.

“The council did not disclose how much the camera cost, but similar systems involving a minature video camera cost between £7,000 and £10,000.”

So the “estimate” was $14k-$20k, the real cost isn’t known.
Still it wouldn’t be so funny and prove a political point if the camera only cost £150!


Cassius Seeley (user link) says:

Just my two pennies

So why not just mount a big ugly camera there with a bright flashing red light on it. Then put a sign up that says dumping trash is illegal and we are watching.

I think this would pretty much stop people from dumping anything there. If not, then they have problems other than dumping trash inappropriately 🙂 LOL

I am pretty sure the BIG OLD Ugly cameras are cheaper too 🙂

Skippy T. Mut says:


Ever wonder where the government gets all that extra money that nobody knows about and never appears in budgets? Ever wonder how they fund illegal and covert operations? It’s easy…tell everyone you spent $20,000 on a camera, and then say “oops, we lost the camera…gosh darn it!” Now you have $20,000 of squeaky clean money to do whatever you want with. Duhhhhhhh…….

wireless camera (user link) says:

Wireless cameras

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