Would The Entertainment Industry Follow A Three Strikes Rule Itself?

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The entertainment industry has been increasingly pressuring ISPs to be copyright cops. The “three strikes” approach being pushed in France, the UK, Australia and possibly Canada is one of the more extreme attempts which would have unauthorized file sharers kicked off the internet entirely. Cory Doctorow asks if such companies would accept their own rule with a three-strikes-and-you’re-out policy for sending out erroneous copyright notices — meaning that they lose their own access for sending out three bogus takedown notices. Given that organizations like the RIAA and MPAA have sent takedown notices to laser printers and believe that providing proof of infringement is too hard, why not cut them off from the internet too after three questionable takedowns? Doctorow’s proposal is admittedly Swiftian; aside from being entertaining, it highlights the ridiculousness of the whole three-strikes-and-you’re-off-the-internet idea. If the entertainment industry wants ISPs to impose a three strikes rule for improper usage, they shouldn’t mind being held to the same standard.

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Comments on “Would The Entertainment Industry Follow A Three Strikes Rule Itself?”

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LTDLP says:

Thumbs Up

Yes, that is a very sane proposal. Cory hits the bulleye.
I’m guessing that the three strikes proponents are not up to the challenge however. If held to their own “rules” you would not hear the end of the wailing, screaming and whining about how unfair it all is.
btw, how many ISPs are owned by these whiners ?

Not Bob says:

Not likely

Sorry Mike,
It seems you have forgotten that when a company/industry/government/person/{insert group here} gets to a certain size, it figures that all the rules are for others and they have no need to follow them themselves.

Sort of like the “argument” that, “This isn’t about us, it’s about those thieving pirates.”

mike allen says:

I dont think it will work

The three strikes rule first it will just piss off ISP customers. 2nd no one has given me the answear to one simple question that of Can they tell the differance between say BBC Iplayer and say Kazaa or other P2P download? i dont think they can. They all use bit torrants and i guess the BBC have copyrights on their shows. so i belive this to be another backfire for the record industry.

James Gardiner (user link) says:

Force it underground..

Either way, P2P networks are going fully encrypted, so they cannot really tell what your shareing.

And even if they did enforce this big time, it will simply force it underground. Wireless networks, etc, will pop up and users will simply start talking to each other without ISPs getting in the way.

There is always a way around it. Up until the internet, I still knew a number of people who had a steady stream of pirate content. Not sure how they got it.. But, it is always going to happen.


JustMe says:


No, what they are saying is that if you make baby food, for example, you should be willing to occasionally taste the baby food yourself. If you have lax controls and think that things (heavy metals, rat feces, etc.) might have fallen in to the food and don’t want to eat it yourself then perhaps you shouldn’t sell it to babies.

Bad Analogy Guy says:

Re: Shohat

JustMe -> “what they are saying is that if you make baby food”

Ahhh, and I thought my analogies were bad …..
So … the RIAA is mommy feeding the babies surfing the net some baby food and the RIAA should have to eat some too.

I think the RIAA are the babies whining to mommy political court system for the big titty.


Dean Landolt (profile) says:

RE: Shohat

Interesting analogy Shohat — I’ll certainly have to borrow that…

I agree that the relationship between the two isn’t commutative. But frankly, I don’t believe we’d need go to such extends as Doctorow proposes to demonstrate the absurdity of three-strikes: given strict enforcement and many eyes on them, it’s unlikely many entertainment firms could go very long without being caught with their hand in the copyright cookie jar, violating someone’s copyright one way or another.

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