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Patent Hoarder Caught Shuffling Patents Around Has To Pay $4 Million

from the hoarding-doesn't-always-pay dept

You may recall earlier this month that we wrote about Erich Spangenberg, who had set up a series of shell corporations for patent hoarding (and suing). Unfortunately, it appears he got greedy after a big win against DaimlerChrysler. As part of that settlement, he agreed not to sue the automaker again over the same issues — but by using the various shell corporations, he had a different shell sue Daimler. Daimler saw this as a violation of the settlement and sued back. Now comes the news that Spangenberg has lost and has to pay nearly $4 million in legal fees to Daimler. It’s good to see courts finally pushing back on some of the overreaching by patent holders.

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Comments on “Patent Hoarder Caught Shuffling Patents Around Has To Pay $4 Million”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Wrong issue

Willton -> This is not about overreaching patent holders; this is about a litigant breaching the terms of his settlement. He deserves to get punished as such.

Yes, but this is above and beyond, over the top, and hey – wait a minute – it was committed by an over reaching patent hoarder.

Its not just a violation of the terms, it is continuing to do what they were suppose to stop doing. Contempt ?

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