Would You Buy $630 For $715? Thanks To Microsoft, You Can Make Money Doing So

from the loopholes dept

Just last month, Microsoft announced its desperation plan of bribing users to use Microsoft’s search. Basically, if you bought certain products via a Microsoft search, Microsoft would pay you cash back. And, of course, as soon as the cash got involved, it didn’t take long for people to find loopholes. Various messages boards are highlighting how this works, but the end result is that people are buying $630 in cash for $715 (via Whitney McNamara), knowing that Microsoft will pay them “cash back” that more than makes up the difference — in some cases up to $250. So, in that case, the seller of the “cash” ends up making $85, and the “buyer” makes $165. Microsoft, of course, is out the $250. Talk about arbitrage.

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Comments on “Would You Buy $630 For $715? Thanks To Microsoft, You Can Make Money Doing So”

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Net_Lurker says:

Re: Only two ways

Dang! While I admit that the latter route might have been exploited by some to make good money, the former would have made for much better YouTube moments! Can you imagine Ballmer throwing chairs, only to change his mind and start throwing widows left, right and centre? I wonder where they manage to source so many from? Hmm… maybe once they ran out of a natural source, they started creating their own? Cripes! Be afraid men, be very afraid… :O

Amaethon says:

Yahoo homophobic ???

How can you call yahoo homophobic for stepping away from the plate? Yahoo isn’t exactly a new start-up, and its search is far superior to any MS product. MS has a tendency to ruin and twist things to their alterior motives. I admire Yahoo for taking a stand against the big boy and keeping their independance. If yahoo had a startup page that loaded as fast as googles, their stand would have caused me to switch back to their search engine!

Abdul koroma says:

MS is a Freak!!!

I really don’t understand how desperate people resort to desperate measures that are always doom to fail from the start.Giving users incentive for using a product that’s trailing a disatnce third shows MS has reach a dead end: Microsoft On Yahoo Reboud, Buys Users ( http://www.internetevolution.com/author.asp?section_id=466&doc_id=154593&F_src=flftwo)

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