Viral Weezer Video Not Allowed To Be Viral

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The band Weezer has been getting a lot of buzz for its latest video for the song Pork and Beans, which takes a bunch of viral video “YouTube stars” and has them reprising their roles in its own video. Others have done similar things, so perhaps it’s not that unique. However, a Techdirt reader named Mike noticed something quite odd about the Weezer video on YouTube. For a supposedly “viral” video — Weezer or Universal Music has disabled the ability to embed the video in other sites (see update below). Embedding these kinds of videos, of course, is exactly how they go viral. Specifically disabling that feature on a video that’s entirely based on viral videos seems backwards.

It’s difficult to believe that Weezer did this themselves — as the band has long been seen as embracing the internet and new technologies and distribution means. Hell, just doing this type of video shows how connected to the internet scene they are. So it makes you wonder if it was the band’s label, Universal Music, that has stopped the embedding. If they’re going to do this, why not follow Viacom’s footsteps and ask the video to be taken down completely.

Update: Aha! Within hours of us posting this, the embed feature was re-enabled. No explanation as to what happened. Someone from Weezer or Universal care to comment?

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Comments on “Viral Weezer Video Not Allowed To Be Viral”

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Franssu says:

After suing their best clients, it seems perfectly normal that one of the next steps implies crippling the marketing efforts of the bands. All this is simply part of a larger strategy ofg suicide. I wouldn’t devise a very different strategy with the same objective.

Now who came up with this objective, and is it consistent with the deisres of the shareholders and other stakeholders, is another question entirely.

Sean Garrett (user link) says:

it gets worse

I noticed this a couple weeks ago and found that the video hosted on the Weezer channel was embeddable and, not so surprisingly, had exponentially more views than the non-emeddable video on the Universal channel.

So, since then, instead of “correcting” the ironic lack of embeds on the Universal page, they went tho opposite way.

Even more awesomely, apparently Weezer’s European distributer didn’t get the memo and they allow the embedding of the video… Of course, so have many individual users who have filled the vacuum and uploaded the video.

Of course this all means that when Pitchfork or Stereogum post the video (or fix a dead link) for thousands upon thousands of music fans a click through doesn’t find it’s way back to Weezer’s nor Universal’s page.

Chris Mikaitis says:

Blue Album FTW

Not a huge fan of new Weezer, they peaked with the blue album (One of the best albums ever). I’ll check out the video though, in hopes of good things. Either way, I sincerely hope that traditional labels, like Universal Music, through their own neglect and bad management, force bands to release songs in new and exciting ways. “Say it Ain’t So” FTW

Anonymous Coward says:

Hell, just doing this type of video shows how connected to the internet scene they are.

Right, because the BAND is the one that made the video. There are music video writers just like in any other form of entertainment. If anything, I think Weezer was approached by someone else pitching the idea of a “viral video video”.

Matt says:

I think their main reason behind doing this was to promote the weezer channel. When people embed the vid they don’t get exposure to the other things featured on their channel. I know they used the Pork and Beans video as a springboard into the exposure of their channel, so it makes sense that they would try and direct people to their youtube page. Embedded is great, but the reasons seem to be at least partially sound.

Bryan Price (user link) says:

I'm looking at it right now

[object width=”425″ height=”344″][param name=”movie” value=””][/param][embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344"][/embed][/object]

I futzed the angle brackets, but it seems to be embeddable to me

@Gasparilla: I’m with you, don’t see what the issue is. I think YouTube might make it hard to embed, but you can easily see the source and find out what part (in this case muP9eH2p2PI) that you need avert the /v/.

Frederick (profile) says:

re: jason_deluxe

Why does everyone seem to assume that technology is driven by the current generation of Youth? Yes, they are the quickest to adapt to it, but they generally aren’t the ones doing the innovation on it, and they certainly aren’t the ones bringing it to the marketplace.

To put it anther way, there’s far more “old people” in the US buying crap than there are “young people”. And Weezer still matters to us “old” farts (I’m 34).

puzzled says:

i don't understand universal music group....

i run an “official” youtube page for an universal artist. i uploaded a music video by the artist and a day later went back to find that they had filed a copyright infringement against the account and of course, disabled embedding. now, my understanding of the PURPOSE of a music video was that it was intended to be a promotional tool to gain exposure for the artist. WTH?!? why would you prevent bloggers and music websites from promoting your artist?!?!? backwards ass old farts…geez…

chaussures pas cher (user link) says:

now, my understanding of the PURPOSE of a music video was that it was intended to be a promotional tool to gain exposure for the artist. WTH?!? why would you prevent bloggers and music websites from chaussures pas cher Air Max Chaussures Sport NFL Jerseys
promoting your artist?!?!? backwards ass old farts…geez…

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