Canadian DMCA Hide And Seek — With Bonus Wikipedia Edits

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Despite the expectations that the new Canadian DMCA would be released Wednesday, it appears that the bill’s introduction has been delayed as the guy behind it, Jim Prentice, figures out what to do. Some reports note that Prentice apparently promised the recording industry that the bill would be introduced before the summer, which seems fairly ridiculous. Why should he promise one industry anything — especially when there’s so much consumer and business opposition to the bill? In the meantime, though, while not introducing the bill, it does appear that folks in Prentice’s office have been busy scrubbing Wikipedia to make sure this controversy isn’t on Prentice’s page.

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Comments on “Canadian DMCA Hide And Seek — With Bonus Wikipedia Edits”

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John Wilson (profile) says:

Gee, I wonder why?

Let me count the ways Prentice doesn’t want to introduce this thing.

1) The recording industry (RIAA) may not recognize this but the mere act of introducing a Bill in the Commons doesn’t pass it. Given that the Tories are a minority Government it could even be defeated on first reading. Almost unheard of but possible.

2) The last thing the Tories want is to stuff this thing into Committee during the summer where it will fester till the Commons comes back into session in October. Given that the committee will be dominated by opposition members this would be a wonderful way for the opposition to actually (finally?) cause some productive mischief.

3) There’s an election coming. Sooner or later, probably sooner there’ll be a federal election. Does Stephen Harper really want to fight one where a major issue could turn out to be a buy-a-law from lobbyists from the United States and massive pressure from the US Ambassador? Copyright may need to be updated but this kind of thing will cost the Tories dearly with little need for investment in creating an issue for the Liberals, NDP, Bloc and so on. Time to push the nationalist button anyone?

What the hell is the rush, anyway?



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