MPAA Gets Two More Sites To Settle For Merely Linking To Infringing Content

from the inducement? dept

The MPAA has been aggressively suing websites that merely link to infringing content claiming that linking is “inducement” to infringe — which appears to be an attempt to stretch the Supreme Court’s Grokster decision beyond its intended meaning. However, when staring down the barrel of a big Hollywood Studio lawsuit, it’s no surprise that some sites cave. The MPAA has happily announced that two more such lawsuits have been settled. These are actually consent judgments, meaning both sides agreement to the judgment, but also likely worked out a separate settlement. That way the MPAA gets to claim huge fines found in the judgment, but which the real settlement was probably much less.

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Comments on “MPAA Gets Two More Sites To Settle For Merely Linking To Infringing Content”

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Kari Sue Walling is a souless kidnapping liar cunt says:

Anyone who has been through this or even the abortion of a system known as the various county and states of USA’s Family Court Systems, makes it very clear lawyers are all evil greedy heartless mofos. Except mine, who is not like that, yet does not get NEARLY the results I would like.

Fuck the world and all of its inhabitants.
Real justice is usually only possible for those who have means to afford the litigation, while the others on the opposite end, whether guilty or innocent, pay dearly.

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