Collapse of Music DRM Continues; DRM Customers Still Screwed

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Support for DRM in the recording industry is in freefall. On Tuesday, Napster released a new version of its music store offering 6 million DRM-free tracks. Napster is a relative latecomer to this party, joining Apple, Amazon, and Wal-Mart, all of whom have had at least some DRM-free, major-label music available for about a year. One difference, though, is that Napster is coming out of the chute with support from all four major labels and thousands of smaller labels as well. At this point, any music store that doesn’t offer DRM-free tracks is going to look like a real laggard. This story wasn’t too surprising given the way things have been going over the last year. But even less surprising is the fact that customers who were foolish enough to purchase DRMed content from previous versions of Napster are stuck with their decision. They don’t get to update their content to MP3 format, and while Napster has decided to continue running its “license servers” for now, it’s only a matter of time before Napster decides running those servers is more trouble than it’s worth and shuts them off, cutting customers off from their music libraries entirely.

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Comments on “Collapse of Music DRM Continues; DRM Customers Still Screwed”

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Lionel Mandrake says:

The end of DRM?

I guess we all shoulda known. But the line “Do you wanna get a 2nd mortgage on your house and give Steve Jobs 10 Grand of your money for 10K songs -OR- do you wanna pay 10 bucks a month for all the music you can eat?” was truly compelling to only a few people.

Clearly the winning 10K songs solution has been give to Steve 100 bucks and then steal 9.9 grand worth of songs.

The head of Janus had TWO faces. That should have been a clue.


DarrenTomlyn (profile) says:

Re: Re: Capitalism

Yep – Britian is a capitalist country – it’s just our consumer protection laws are a little better than the US (ASAICT), aswell as mroe people who won’t put up with crap – (well, usually). (There’s quite a few things which are allowed/done in the US which you wouldn’t get away with/work over here, as far as consumer-based goods and services are concerned – (though not all of them are because of the law – our national consumer association has TEETH)). (Though, yes, since music/film etc. are luxury goods, they don’t really count).

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: old DRM'd files

There is some good news for the people with DRM’d files. There are plenty of decent programs out there for removing most types of DRM from the files.

And the other good news is that for those with limited funds there are plenty of banks out there that they can go rob. But if we’re talking about LEGAL solutions, people with DRM’d music are still screwed.

Killer_Tofu (profile) says:

Re to a couple

Re: Main Article
” .. it’s only a matter of time before Napster decides running those servers is more trouble than it’s worth and shuts them off, cutting customers off from their music libraries entirely.”
And that is where the media converting programs come in. Either that or downloading the songs off of torrent. After all, it is not illegal to own a backup of your legally purchased music.

Re Overcast #9
“It would be easier to just get content via Torrent.”
Oh, it is my friend, it is.

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