Is Canada Considering A Three Strikes And You're Off The Internet Policy?

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With the entertainment industry actively pushing for laws that would require ISPs to kick users off the internet for file sharing, using a “three strikes” policy, Michael Geist is wondering if they’ve quietly succeeded in Canada. Apparently a French newspaper is reporting that Canadian ISPs are negotiating such a policy already, though there have been no such public statements. Given how secretive the industry and the government have been about new copyright laws, perhaps this isn’t too surprising. We do know that the industry was pushing for greater ISP liability as part of copyright law changes a few months back, so it wouldn’t be surprising if ISPs were negotiating a “three strikes” type rule to avoid the liability issues. Of course, they probably want to keep it secret, as publicity (and resulting anger) about these types of laws in Europe has at least some politicians moving away from them. However, as the entertainment industry does keep succeeding in getting these types of laws to move forward, how long will it be before similar laws are proposed in the US, with “everyone else is doing it” as part of the reasoning?

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Comments on “Is Canada Considering A Three Strikes And You're Off The Internet Policy?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

My guess is that your first analogy would rarely happen…. Not only downloading a full version “disguised” as public domain (rather than vice versa) but also being busted by something like this. If your luck was so bad that you got busted 3 times in this situation, you’re cursed and might as well give up hope for yourself.

As for stealing your laptop, what does that have to do with it? Steeling a connection maybe but they’re tracking the connection you use, not who owns the laptop.

RIAA Fukk RIght OrFT says:

“Numerous countries in Europe (such as Great Britain) or other continents (such as Canada or Japan) have already initiated a similar negotiation process…”

“Initiated” is the right word, coz they can FuKK RIGHT OFF if they they think they gonna pass that one. Our govenrment has already had a kick in the bollox coz of the “bollox” they keep trying on us.

BTW in canada dont you already pay taxes on blank “Media” to cover this already ? I can see u guys being really happy about this. I suppose you can always ask for the “media tax” to be removed… N0TT!

Wish u well guys, UK is “debating” this one still.

Now where’s that WEP wifi router i “found”?

Anonymous Coward says:

so by taking my laptop connect to all the people and free places that i can get Internet and openly share and DL to get them kicked off with out any harm to me. Sure it will piss those off who no longer have the Internet and have to use free wireless connections but then my connection will be faster since there is less load on the network.

I love the idea and it keeps us from running out of those Internet tubes. LOL

claire rand says:

uk legal system

the trick with all this is the media types trying to get the ISPs to enforce the rules (rules not law) since if they have to go to court they have to have this little thing called ‘evidence’ and this seems to be a problem for them.

i.e. prove *who* downloaded the file, not just the machine address that did it. which they can’t do with breaking all sorts of laws.

so cut through it, get the ISPs to implement some iffy rules to kick of the file sharers, I dare say it sounded a good idea to the ISPs to start with.

then the backlash it, and one of the big boys said no, and did so publically, basically saying let us be your ISP we won’t kick you off without a court order..

the ones who will boot you will die if they try it now.

legislation may well follow, but as with anything legal evidience will be required somewhere, and it will be possible to challange it.

media companies hate having to prove stuff

Haywood says:

Re: There's always a way

I knew of a hotel bar that was owned by a reputed mobster in my home town. They were always getting their liquor license revoked. They would be back up and running almost immediately by “selling” the bar to a relative. It got ridiculous, it was getting down to brother-in-laws 2nd cousin, but the point is they kept on running as though there was no law.

PJ says:

Yea I dont See this Happening ...

What are they farking stupid ? duh morons wake the hell up! we will NEVER STOP FILE SHARING !! WANT TO KNOW WHY???..

cause gee dumbshits think about it we have EMAIL… And Instant Messengers … Duh Morons we can still share files over that .. and Ohh if you think your going to Stop Us that way think again… cause there is a such thing as LAN parties LOL no Internet needed DUH get a FARKIN CLUE RIAA and YOU DUMB SHIATS!!

JW says:

So what if you crash your car on purpose. What’s the limit to how many times you can crash your car. Dunno about you but I know a professional bus driver that has been in over 50 accidents. His job requires him to drive, which makes him more prone to having accidents. If they enployed a law of this type, where would the lines be drawn. This kinda crap would never fly here. There’s too many ways around it!

John Wilson (profile) says:

Or you can legally

Of course you can download copyrighted material legally too. Take any Linux distro that uses BitTorrent to download releases or updates.

So the mere fact of copyright doesn’t make the download “illegal”. It’s about copyright and the associated licensing, if any, that this is all about.

The entire idea reads like a script for Trailer Park Boys.

pete says:

Do it

Ive spoken to many people and they seem to think artists are rich, nothing could be further from the truth! 1st artists were RIPPED OFF by rec co’s and coke sniffing execs (quote the late Bo Diddly”the man with the pen is more dangerous than the man with the gun”)and 2nd by pimply faced kids who dont think downloading an artists hard work and money (artists have to pay back rec co’s rec costs) i say 3 STRIKES AND YOUR OUT! Its incredible to me that someone thinks downloading isnt steakling, if you dont pay yer water its cut off

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