That Didn't Take Long: Verizon Wireless Trying To Get Out Of Open Spectrum Requirements

from the not-hard-to-see-that-coming dept

We noted recently that Verizon Wireless’ new PR campaign around its “open” network offerings seemed open in name only, and it appears that the same concept is being expanded to cover the recently won 700 MHz spectrum, which FCC rules require to be open. Google has filed a petition to deny Verizon the spectrum, noting that the company’s public position on how it will “open” the spectrum isn’t really open at all. Basically, it looks like Verizon Wireless is trying to reinterpret the rules in its favor. Google isn’t really asking the FCC to deny the spectrum sale, but really just wants the FCC to actually enforce the rules that were put in place. Given the FCC’s friendly attitude towards telcos bending the rules, don’t be surprised if that doesn’t happen. Even if the FCC somehow tells Verizon to follow the rules more closely, it seems likely that Verizon will still figure out some way to wiggle out of them again.

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Comments on “That Didn't Take Long: Verizon Wireless Trying To Get Out Of Open Spectrum Requirements”

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chris (profile) says:

ha ha, google is stupid

you want the FCC to enforce rules against a telco?

i’ll bet kevin “brought to you by AT&T” martin is still rolling on the floor laughing at that one.

get a clue google, the telecommunications industry does what it wants and then lies about doing it. asking the FCC to stop that is like asking the earth to stop rotating around the sun because 1) it’s impossible and 2) the earth (FCC) has no say in matter to begin with.

google’s only hope is that they can do something with congress to tie things up until the presidential elections and pray for a democratic win. then the FCC will be owned and operated by the broadcasting industry instead of telecommunications industry.

ain’t america grand?

SailorRipley says:

Re: Re:

Hahaha, you would think with Google’s massive search engine, they could of googled FCC and teleco and found a pattern of teleco’s questionable actions.

Dear John Doh (no typo), a lot of the rest of us think Google is aware of certain patterns and FCC favoritisms…
and think Google is petitioning the FCC not because they think it will have any effect, but because they assume it will have little or no result so when they go somewhere else (say Congress), when (say) Representatives respond it’s the FCC’s job/responsibility, Google can prove the FCC is not doing its job and some kind of intervention/superseding action is warranted…

Anyway, Techdirt (or any site for that matter) doesn’t really need someone to state widely known facts (Google’s massive search engine, remember?), nor does Techdirt really need another commenter jumping to ridiculous conclusions that have no base in reality/rationality…but thank you for playing anyway

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