Didn't Take Long: Comcast Ditches P2P Bill Of Rights Idea

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Just a few weeks ago, Comcast announced a plan to offer up a P2P Bill of Rights as a way to get federal regulators off its back. Of course, as we pointed out at the time, the company never really explained why such a Bill of Rights was actually needed. Instead, it just seemed like something of a PR stunt to show the FCC that it was doing something. Having received the necessary press coverage, Comcast has now abandoned the plan, but says instead that it will join the Distributed Computing Industry Association, which is a newly formed group designed to create best practices around this area. This certainly makes a lot more sense than developing a separate and totally unnecessary “Bill of Rights” on its own, but the DCIA has its own problems. For example, the group says that it wants consumer interest groups to play a role in the group, but not until later. If consumer rights are so important, why not include them from the beginning?

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Comments on “Didn't Take Long: Comcast Ditches P2P Bill Of Rights Idea”

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James says:

How about..

..a “we won’t f**k with your bandwidth, that you’re paying us for” bill of rights?

Bandwidth is what it gets down to, if P2P is really such a business issue for them why not come up with a business solution such as metered/tiered bandwidth plans?

Yes, Virginia it really is that simple. They obviously have an agenda since a tiered solution is both technically feasible and it would solve the issue.

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