Judge Slams Florida Authorities For Bogus Toll Fines

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It’s not just with red light cameras that local authorities are squeezing extra money out of drivers, Consumerist points us to the news that a judge in Florida has tossed out thousands of bogus toll citations, slamming both the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority and Florida Turnpike Authority for failing to deal with the fines properly. It appears that some of the fines resulted from malfunctioning toll transponders. The judge noted that this should have been easy for the traffic authorities to correct, but instead they made it a bureaucratic nightmare for those unfairly and incorrectly accused of running tolls. The judge has even gone so far as to bar the two Authorities from issuing any new citations to drivers who have prepaid or credit-card accounts — to the point that he’s instructed the court clerks in both places to refuse to accept any new citations without affidavits swearing that the offenders have no money in their accounts.

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Comments on “Judge Slams Florida Authorities For Bogus Toll Fines”

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Mongo says:


This has been a problem for years. They know who you are by your license plate so they can send you a ticket, why can’t they just use the same information to charge your account? The transponders are linked to a specific vehicle listed by make, model, year, and REGISTRATION NUMBER!!

Just as an FYI, the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority (OOCEA) is an organization that justifies it’s own existence. They were created to build a single toll road across Orlando. When that was finished, which means that their high paying jobs were about to be eliminated, they said “Hey, we can build another toll road here”. Now that THAT road is nearly finished, they have come up with another toll road that will take around 10 years to build. They are doing nothing other than supporting their own mortgages and urban sprawl. The money they make could be put into public transportation (an extensive rail system would do nicely).

Anonymous Coward says:


All I can say to this is “Amen!” I have lived in Central Florida for 36 years and this is the absolute truth! When Orlando got so bad we couldn’t stand it any longer, we moved a bit north and only pay rare visits to O-town these days and only when we absolutely have to. Three cheers for this judge for kicking the Orlando bureaucrats in the arse when they really needed it! 🙂

A guy in FL says:


Living in Florida I myself was fined for supposedly running a toll, despite the fact that my transponder was working fine and that I hit the same toll area at the same time each day on my way to work. When I got the citation they said it was going to be taken care of, but months later I got a citation to appear in court. Thanks, toll guys. That little fiasco cost me several hundred dollars for something that wasn’t my fault, but I had to pay it to clear my license.

Good news that such abuses are being put on hold. Kudos to the judge, I just hope that there are more like them out there with the average citizen in mind!

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Anonymous Coward says:

Most of the lanes up here have a light that flashes green when it validates that it’s read your transponder and you’ve paid the toll. I have to assume they don’t have these in Florida? Or maybe his wife speeding through them so quickly while talking on her cell phone that she failed to even notice. Once I could buy, but 16 times?

Obviously, they shouldn’t have cited her but rather just deducted the money and sent a notification that her transponder seemed to be malfunctioning, but she deserves at least some of the blame for doing nothing each time the light flashed red after the first few.

Anonymous Coward says:


“Most of the lanes up here have a light that flashes green when it validates that it’s read your transponder and you’ve paid the toll. I have to assume they don’t have these in Florida? Or maybe his wife speeding through them so quickly while talking on her cell phone that she failed to even notice. Once I could buy, but 16 times?”

Over the 5 years or so, the Expressway Authority in the Orlando area has converted most the toll plazas so that those who have transponders do not pass through a classic toll booth. Instead, they built an arch over the highway that holds transponder detectors and cameras. Cars pass under the arches at posted highway speeds. Those without transponders are routed off the highway through a toll booth for payment. Newer transponders (the small box attached to the window in your vehicle) will blink a LED and sound a beep as you pass under the arch to indicate as feedback that transponder was recognized. However, the older transponders which were issued before the conversion of the toll plazas do not have this feature. They provide no indication whatsoever that the transponder was recognized. You can pass through many of the new toll plazas for a long time and not know that the transponder is not working (usually because the battery died), until you get some sort of official notification. There are probably 10s, if not 100s, of thousands of the older transponders still in use.

indaclds says:

Illinois system works...

Illinois for all its flaws actually has an automatic toll system that works. You get a ticket after about 5 violations. If you have a transponder you call a toll free number, give them the ticket # the transponder number and it’s done. They charge the tolls to your account and the ticket goes away, takes less then 5 minutes. I hate our governer, but have to give him props for cleaning up our tollways!

GHynson (profile) says:

TxTag BS Scam

I live in Austin, and they just started that Toll Road BS here.
I’ve gotten a Citation from using a toll road here.
What’s funny is I’ve NEVER drove on any Toll Road here,
and I’ve NEVER registered my vehicle with TxTag.
I’ll drive out of my way to avoid using a TxTag road,
so why is it that I’ve gotten a $2.75 citation?
I’m sure their just randomly selecting Austin drivers from the DPS database to cite them, hoping people pay and not complain.
And they’ve laid out the roads to where unsuspecting drivers inadvertently enter a non-marked tollway and they can’t exit until they pass a toll booth.
If you’ve even been to Austin, you would know the confusing layout of the tollways.

Stephen Pace says:

Houston Much Better At This

The Harris County Toll Road Authority actually pre-checks for this case. It turns out for a variety of reasons the tags sometimes don’t scan, but the system and staff check for valid toll tags before sending citations. I learned this when I found out my personalized plate actually has a minor misprint on it (the State of Texas has one thing in their computer, but sent me one slightly different from that). Even then, it was very easy to resolve.

oliviaharis (user link) says:

Department of Transportation

Although the Florida Department of Transportation agreed to drop the charges and fines against Baird, Seminole County Judge Ralph Eriksson insisted Baird must pay. Galluzzo overturned Eriksson, ruling not only that Baird was denied due process but also that the concept of photo enforced toll citations violated due process.
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Peter Sassano says:

Toll Violation

I find it outrageous that I was charged with a toll violation in which the charge was sent to my car rental company who just gave out my credit card number. The issue is that no one was manning the toll booth, and there was no envelope available for me to mail the toll amount. My option was to keep moving or shut off my car and just sit there until someone arrived, if ever. What a scam. Orlando doesn’t pay a toll collector, and collects the toll plus a penalty. I have no problem paying the toll, but the penalty is what infuriates me. I was considering retiring to Florida, but this has made me change my mind. Every time you turn around there is another toll.

Steven says:

Toll Violation

They also trick people in central fl. The signs prior to the toll says cash then when you get closer it says exact coins therefore causing you to run the toll if you dont have change. They give you according to them two times before being penalized for there tricks. That can happen one day if your traveling in an unknown area..they claim the signs are legal but actually its not.

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