eBay Sues Craigslist, As Craig And Jim Dilute eBay's Share

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You may recall that eBay was able to buy approximately one quarter of Craigslist back in 2004. The details of what happened were never made entirely clear (and there are some conflicting stories about those details), but it appeared that the two companies co-existed somewhat peacefully for a while, despite eBay’s decision to basically create a Craigslist competitor in Kijiji. However, now things are getting more interesting. Apparently, back in January, Craigslist did something to dilute eBay’s share, which eBay now feels was illegal. The company has now sued Craigslist over the matter, though most of the details are hidden, as the lawsuit was filed under seal. Given that Kijiji finally expanded into the US last year (just as Craigslist continued to expand internationally), it’s no surprise that Craigslist would seek to decrease eBay’s stake in the company. Either way, the perhaps already awkward linkage between Craigslist and eBay seems to be getting even more uncomfortable.

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Comments on “eBay Sues Craigslist, As Craig And Jim Dilute eBay's Share”

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Tech Trader says:

Didn't everyone think it was a dumbass idea at the time?

Well, not everyone as eBay clearly drank some Rev Moonshine. But, seriously, didn’t the explanations of why sound like a Cirque du Soleil contortionist trying to get dressed in the morning?
Never made sense. Another example of a Dotcom 1.0 deal.
Well at least Craig and Bucky made their $$$$!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Didn't everyone think it was a dumbass idea at the time?

Neither Craig or the CEO made any money of the eBay deal. What happened was that, early on, Craig gave someone equity in CL. This person apparently left and sought to sell his stake and Craig did not have any money to buy him out. That’s when eBay showed up and bought out this guy’s stake.

Craig was really, really bummed about it when it happened and described it to me as ‘a bad business decision’. He also said that there were other, worse options that he managed to avoid and the eBay was the best outcome.

I don’t think that Craig has made huge amounts of money on CL, he just gets paid what would be considered a reasonable salary for an exec in his position and not much more. Sure, technically he’s worth a lot, but that assumes that CL would have some sort of liquidity event. Know Craig, that’s more the highly unlikely while he’s still on this planet…

Fundamentally, CL works well because Craig doesn’t give two shits about money.

whobody says:

Re: Ebay "forces" Craigslist?

Fruity, where are you getting your information that “Ebay forces CRAIGSLIST to YANK any CL ad that references an ebay listing. Crap, huh?”

You have it entirely backwards- CL removes all ads that reference Ebay, because they don’t want it to become inundated with links to Ebay ads…if you think that Ebay would demand that FREE ads pointing to Ebay and driving more traffic to them be removed, you are high…

and anyway, how exactly does another company with a minority stake in CL “force” them to do anything?

Yogi says:

EBay is very monopolistic and it shall be stopped

Regulators need to curb EBay’s ambitious monopolistic tactics. So EBay does not like local people should selling on Craigslist ‘caz EBay does not make money in that? These are different kinds of markets, Craigslist is local, free and very direct. EBay is global, and through mediator, and you pay a hefty price for it. So why the fight? If EBay wants to stop their sellers to advertise elsewhere, it should first ban its own paying Ebayers from EBay who advertise on Craigslist and elsewhere.

Whats next sue Google ad-sense … ?

Derek (profile) says:

screw ebay

Screw Ebay, Craigslist FTW.

Im sorry, but ebay is not what it used to be. Craigslist is free to post, and the stuff you get is mostly local, so you know what you are getting into. Sure you may not have the selection you do on ebay. But you also don’t have to wait 7 days for the bidding to end. Did i mention it is free to post. I sold a bunch of computer parts on Craigslist for the prices I asked in 3 days.

Mr.C. says:

ebay - yeach: CL - yeach :P

ebay has not worked to well for me, and CL has not worked at all. ebay is easy to use but it is also easy to get hosed as a seller (sniping, having a listing yanked because some twit didn’t like the way you phrase something, outlandish fees, selling your email to lists, etc.) And I’ve found CL hard and restrictive to use. I’d like to see something come along in the middle and put them both to shame. Maybe there is something and I just don’t know about it.

Gadget says:

Ebay - no seller feedback!????

We bought, paid and never received items from “sandiscman” on ebay. Ebay suspended this clown for his repetitive tactics to make money without delivering but, he left us a retaliatory negative feedback back then when he was suspended. Now, ebay is getting desperate for business so reinstated this crook and also along with it reinstated the feedback. Now, this clown was forced by ebay to return our money and was suspended for the tactics but now the snotty feedback is OK and back on my record? We do not think so, and do NOT feel at all compelled to return to ebay at all… So, no buyers – nothing is sold! Ebay, get your act together, you’re as bad as your worst deal! You are lost in your mist of greed!

I QUIT EBAY AS A BUYER!!!!SCREW IT!!! We can find many more who feel the same locally and will leave ebay to the crooks and themselves.


Don in Missouri says:

screwed on ebay

I bought and paid for car grille and freight on ebay from TERRY WEISHAAR ELKTON,SOUTH DAKOTA 57026 ( Ebay Name kustombldr@yahoo.com ) He is a CROOK BEWARE OF HIM . The SOB wont even answer emails or phone . Ebay or PayPal are no help at all. They admit I got SCREWED . I have bought and sold a lot of stuff on craigs without any problem

jojokinkaid (profile) says:

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