Stolen Data So Plentiful, The Market For It Has Collapsed

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There are so many data leaks these days that it’s hardly even newsworthy every time some company reveals your social security number and credit card. However, would you believe that it’s also impacting the economics for fraudsters? Matt Bennett alerts us to the news that the price of fraudulently obtained data is falling through the floor thanks to the glut of it on the market. There are so many collections of credit cards or bank account numbers that the crooks who are buying them are buying them in bigger batches at greatly deflated prices. By the way, the falling dollar has impacted this as well: European identity data is worth a lot more than American identity data. So, I guess there’s that to be thankful for.

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Comments on “Stolen Data So Plentiful, The Market For It Has Collapsed”

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Matt Bennett says:

Re: FoxNews... Really!?

Do you hate Fox News because you think it is actually disreputable, or because it slants it’s news with a viewpoint you dislike? (and it does, I admit, but no more so CNN slants the other way, and much less than say the NYT)

It was an AP piece, credited so, I just couldn’t find the original AP article via google news so I gave up and linked the Fox News article. Note: I did that because certain people have ignorant reactions like yours.

chris (profile) says:

data leakage is nothing

“sensitive” data gets leaked all the time. no one cares, least of all the companies that do the leaking.

90% of these leaks are lost/stolen laptops and USB memory sticks and everyone is immediately aware of the issue because the device is missing. what if the device was not stolen, but changed in some way?

what i am waiting to see is a situation where data is not stolen, but changed in some way that is not immediately obvious, like lowering everyone’s grades by 3 points at a college, or changing all the blood types at a hospital, or cutting everyone’s credit scores in half.

right now, we are all used to seeing obvious failures. what do you do when the failure isn’t obvious?

Witty Nickname says:

Fox News

If you watch the actual channel they are biased, but there is nothing wrong with their website – CNN, MSN and Fox ususally run the same wire stories anyway, Fox has the best RSS feed, with CNN you sometimes see the same stories listed 3 or 4 times. So, for that reason I get most of my news from and it is all the same.

BlowURmindBowel says:


I don’t like the FoxNews channel mostly because almost all of their anchors/hosts are obnoxious blowhards (same reason I don’t like Lou Dobbs anymore). I don’t really doubt Fox’s credibility for the most part, I just don’t like them…

But I honestly do believe that depending on the program Fox slants farther to the right than CNN does to the left. It’s just that CNN is generally to the left while Fox varies from centrist to Hyper-Right depending on the topic/show/host/etc. I like that CNN is more predictable.

BlowURmindBowel says:


I suppose I should have included this in my first post, to have given it some shred of a chance of being on topic…

But yes, being that this was originally an AP article, I really have no problem with the source/credibility/etc.

And yes FoxNews does have the hottest weathersluts!

Although it was really funny when the daytime weather guy started yelling at the female mid-day desk anchor during Hurricane Katrina… (sorry I don’t recally their names I’m a total CNN junkie by most peoples standards but I am bad with names.)

Shagger says:

If this data is so cheap, it makes you wonder on the effectiveness of it. If a credit card number can you a couple of thousand $$$ of goods or services, wouldn’t that at least give it a minimum value? Or is it that most data is useless and you have to sift through the numbers before you find one that actually works???

Shagger Green lasers rulz

Nasch says:

Re: Re:

It’s not about how much it’s worth, it’s about supply and demand. Maybe you can get a couple thousand dollars out of that credit card, but when there are hundreds or thousands of sellers with tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands? millions?) of credit cards to sell, and good information, etc, in other words you end up with an efficient, competitive market. Prices are driven down to marginal costs, which are low because apparently this data is so easy to get.

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