Sending Love Notes Via MySpace Not Considered Harassment

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Teenagers fall in love quite easily… and when they do, they often do silly things like repeatedly telling the object of their affection how they feel, even if that love is unrequited. These days, with teens living on social networks like MySpace and Facebook, it should come as no surprise that many are using such social networks to express that love. Apparently, one young woman felt that an infatuated teen’s MySpace repeated messages constituted harassment. However, in a rather eloquent decision, a NY court has disagreed, pointing out the awkward and obsessive nature of teenaged love, combined with the more practical fact that MySpace users can block messages (which this girl never did) and that she never bothered to tell the guy to stop sending such messages. Combine this with the recent ruling that sending a Facebook friend request to an ex- is not harassment, and you start to realize that the courts are going to be quite busy over the next few years trying to port offline laws into the online world of social networks.

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Comments on “Sending Love Notes Via MySpace Not Considered Harassment”

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Anonymous Coward says:

With the job market, and economy in the shape that it is in, it is great to know that our lawyers will continue to thrive, and have plenty to get rich off of. Besides, in this country, sue or be sued, the new American way.
Better idea, hang them all, or lashings ’til death sounds pretty good, also.
I love you all, hehehe!!!

SailorAlphaCentauri says:


I found this one interesting simply because common sense seems to have prevailed here. She never told him to stop, which weakens her case and she never blocked his messages. It’s the latter part that really hurts her case. MySpace is stupidly easy to use and allows you to block people at any time, so unless she wanted to have an excuse to sue somebody, she should’ve taken steps to stop receiving his messages. Have people forgotten how to deal with things without running to court to have someone else fix their problems? It’s one thing to be harassed, but it’s something else entirely different when steps could have been taken to make it stop sooner.

Now if she had done all that and he went out of his way to still make contact with her, then she would have a case.

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