NY Mets Rickrolled… But MLB Uses DMCA To Shut Down The Fun

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Rickrolling, the geek-inspired prank of tricking folks into watching a video of Rick Astley’s pop hit “Never Gonna Give You Up,” has been way too popular over the past few months, but looked like it was finally going to die a painful death thanks to NY Times’ coverage and YouTube’s April Fool’s joke. But, apparently the fun was just getting started. The NY Mets have been running a contest to see what song will be played during the 8th inning of home games all season. While there were a bunch of preset choices, the Mets also left a write-in options — leaving open the opportunity for Digg and Fark to “Rickroll the Mets.”

And… it worked… sorta. Apparently, the write-in votes dominated the contests, but the Mets are backing out of the agreement. Instead of accepting the Astley song, they’re playing it and a selection of other songs over the next few games to see which one gets the biggest fan reaction — and will then use that song all year long. However, the Astley song got the home opener nod, and was played during the 8th inning of Tuesday’s game.

Now here’s where the story gets interesting. Digg celebrated the achievement by linking to a video on YouTube of the song playing. But the folks at MLB Advanced Media wasted absolutely no time at all in rushing out a DMCA notice to take the video down, suggesting that it wasn’t a big fan of being Rickrolled. Of course, it wasn’t fast enough for the video to be saved by others [ed: link removed]. And, of course, there were some fans at the ballpark who also recorded the Rickrolling live. Man, that’s a lot of booing. While MLB shouldn’t be able to take down those fan videos, given how MLB has claimed ownership over all sorts of stuff, I wouldn’t put it past them to try. Either way, would it really have been so troublesome for MLB to leave that brief video clip up?

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Comments on “NY Mets Rickrolled… But MLB Uses DMCA To Shut Down The Fun”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Intellectual Property, Hot Dogs, and American Pie

@ eleete:

No one is getting up in arms about it for several reasons. The main one being the majority of people in the US do not even know it happens, or understand what it means.

Capitalism is a good idea, but you HAVE to put some checks on the corporations. Instead most Americans have been brain washed by businesses into thinking some very stupid things.

Oh and the other reason people aren’t getting up in arms about it is because most people don’t have a gun of any type, nor know that armed protests were actually insinuated by the founding fathers are a legitimate form of protest.

Note I say insinuated. AFAIK they never flat out said it, beyond the famous quote about the second amendment.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: fix the damn link

take the advice and fix the damn link. I’m glad no one was around at work when I clicked on the link in my RSS feed. I didn’t see the comments before I did or else I wouldn’t have done it. You guys know you can get people fired for that kind of crap?

The link is gone. As I said, it appears the NSFW content was ad banners that I didn’t see because I block javascript on unknown sites. So to me, all I saw was the video itself.

Sorry about that, but it definitely was not intentional.

Chronno S. Trigger says:

I missed the link

I’m at work so I missed the link. Was this video of the mets getting rickrolled or was it a video of the rickroll itself?

I can understand them trying to ban a video of the live act (everyone else is banning videos of their games, why not the mets) but I can’t understand why they would try to ban the song itself.

Rose M. Welch says:

@ 25. Anon

You said, “Oh and the other reason people aren’t getting up in arms about it is because most people don’t have a gun of any type, nor know that armed protests were actually insinuated by the founding fathers are a legitimate form of protest.”

Most of what kind of people? Most of all people in the entire world? In America? In a certain state or region? I’m from Oklahoma and gun ownership proliferates. I’m not complaining. by the way, I’m just noting that in some areas of America, gun ownership and education is still going strong.

By the way, did you know that you can buy a rifle at Wal-Mart with no ID and no waiting? So if you wanna blame the gov’t for none of us having AK-47s, that would be fine, but you can’t say that no one has guns or can get guns.

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