Danish ISP Latest To Offer Crippled DRM-Infested Music Subscription Service

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While the press is reporting that TDC, Denmark’s largest ISP, is now offering free music downloads at no additional charge, the fine print leaves much to be desired. It turned out (not surprisingly) that these “free downloads” are DRM-infested and will stop working if you leave TDC. That would suggest that they can’t be transferred to certain devices (such as iPods) and users will have no ability to promote songs by sharing them with friends. Also, there’s a rather limited song selection. While three of the major labels have signed up, there are only one million songs — or less than 17% of the songs found on iTunes. It makes for a nice headline, but it’s difficult to see this getting very far.

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Comments on “Danish ISP Latest To Offer Crippled DRM-Infested Music Subscription Service”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

The solution is ever so simple.

Take the speaker wires (which is an analog output) of the device into which the music will play and use them as the microphone input (which is an analog input), reformat and re balance and rerecord in digital format.

With some 70 to 80% of US homes having the basic equipment to do this or the majority of the equipment and the rest available at the local Radio Shack there is no shortage of means to accomplish stripping all forms of DRM off of any and all sound tracks.

For video the issue is slightly more complicated but with the conversion boxes now fully available to convert digital TV signals to analog signals (which the government will give you a $40.00 coupon to purchase) the solution is almost equally as simple.

The neat thing about this solution is that the only DRM that will prevent this also makes the digital content useless to everybody which of course makes the content completely worthless.

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