Craigslist Ransacking Was To Cover Up Burglary

from the well-that-didn't-work dept

Remember that story last week about someone posting a fake ad on Craigslist, leading to people ransacking a house and taking all sorts of stuff? It turns out that the folks behind the fake ad were simply trying to cover up their own burglary of the house. Apparently, they had stolen some stuff from the garage and figured the best way to hide the theft was to get a ton of other people to steal stuff as well, via the Craigslist ad. Of course, by posting the ad, they made it that much easier to track them down, as police retrieved the IP address and were able to figure out who was responsible. Once again, despite those who tried to “blame” Craigslist, it looks like Craigslist helped the police catch the crooks.

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Comments on “Craigslist Ransacking Was To Cover Up Burglary”

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Cassius Seeley (user link) says:


OK #8 I am sure that the moment that CL folk learned of the ad, it was down. I’ve seen them take stuff down in less than an hour which is pretty dammed amazing when you considere the shear bulk of information that gets posted there every day. An besides the LEGAL reality is that CL is not repsonsible for these postings. Courts continue to side with them on this. If you want to whine about something make it about something that really needs attention like oh I don’t know the illegal war we are in right now… or oh oh maybe the fact that our currnet administration cares not one bit for our constitution and our liberty and privacy… how those for starters? ๐Ÿ™‚

another mike says:

+1 for originality

-500 for ruining someone’s life.
IANAL, but aren’t these sort of things (owner left town and left a bunch of stuff behind) usually handled by a court-ordered estate auction, not a web ad to come take someone’s stuff? That should have been peoples’ first clue.
At the very least, the ASCP or Humane Society would have come to take the horse themselves instead of telling people to just go rustle it.
And the thieves responding to the ad had a printout from a website and thought that was enough justification to commit burglary. I’m glad the cops are tracking down all the people seen leaving the scene with the owner’s stuff and are charging them with theft.

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