Google Maps Becoming Even More Like A Wiki

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A few months ago, we noted that Google had taken some tentative steps to make Google Maps more wiki-like, and we encouraged them to take further steps in that direction. Now Techcrunch reports that they’re doing just that, giving users more ability to edit the data on Google Maps. Now, not only can you move the pin showing the location of a particular address, but you can edit the information associated with that address. Best of all, Google allows you to delete markers that are inaccurate or inappropriate, and even to add new ones. This is going to make Google Maps even more valuable. The next challenge Google is likely to have is dealing with vandalism. They’ve got some tools to deal with that already, but I think they could improve things even more by making the editing process more transparent. For example, as far as I can tell, there’s no way to see all of the markers in a particular small section of the map (say the block where I live). There also doesn’t appear to be any easy way to automatically monitor changes within a certain radius of a particular location. These features (analogous to Wikipedia’s watchlist feature) would make it a lot easier for public-spirited Google Maps users to keep tabs on map changes and quickly revert vandalism. I’d personally be happy to help police edits in the area around my apartment, but there’s currently no easy way for me to do that.

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Comments on “Google Maps Becoming Even More Like A Wiki”

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Ben (user link) says:


We recently wrote an article about how Yahoo Local was getting slammed by affiliate spam. This article reminded me that it was time to do a check to see if they have started hitting Google now that the maps are open to edit.
While vandalism can be a pain, the real problem is the people who gain money by scamming the listings. Full story here

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