Videos Of Tibetan Protest Get YouTube Banned In China

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We can now add China to the axis of NoTube as it has blocked all of YouTube after videos from news reports concerning the protests in Tibet began to show up on the video hosting site. What’s interesting is that this comes just a few months after new rules went into place in China, demanding that all video hosting sites be approved by the government (and also be state-owned or controlled). However, given the uproar from a number of local video hosting sites, the government decided to ignore its own rules for the time being. However, given the itchy trigger finger on taking down any site or content that the government deems questionable, it’s no surprise that this has happened again.

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Comments on “Videos Of Tibetan Protest Get YouTube Banned In China”

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dorpus says:

Censorship protects the dalai lama

The truth is that the dalai lama’s calls for nonviolence are being ignored by Tibetans. Rioters have turned into inhuman beasts who target any non-Tibetans, hack them to death, burn them alive, and in one case tore flesh from a policeman’s carcass. Tibetans are attacking Japanese, Koreans, and anyone else who looks Chinese. Chinese pedestrians get rocks thrown at them, after which mobs descend upon them to turn them into pieces of meat. Chinese bloggers are eager to show the Tibetans’ true colors, but this will destroy the dalai lama’s credibility and lead to massive instability that neither side wants. White liberals in Europe calling for “world peace” are throwing rocks at Chinese embassies.

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Censorship protects the dalai lama

It’s the Japanese media reporting it, so I’m thinking it’s not propaganda. If there was anti-Chinese news to report, they’d say so.

English news accounts of Tibet tend to be very one-sided, in my experience.

The Economist does implicitly acknowledge that Tibetans attacked Hui Muslims.

Stephen says:

Re: Censorship protects the dalai lama

This is an interesting take on the problem. I wonder how much truth there is to it. I am quite sure that the Chinese government has oppressed the Tibetans for many years and if the Tibetans are acting in this manner it is a separate question of fact, it seems to me, which does not excuse or in any way lessen the seriousness of that oppression.

Tsering Pasang says:

Re: Tibet Protest

You must be type people who get trapped with China’s propaganda. I do agree that 1 or 2 incidence might have happened attacking chinese and burning shops. But if you look at the over all protest through out Tibet including those tibetan region which are now not in so called Tibet Autonomous region (25-30 different localities even in the remote village)People from all works of live has protested with Tibetan national flag not with guns or sword eventhough many own guns.The slogan raised by Tibetan are free Tibet/ Long live H.H.D.L. and not against common chinese people who suffer also under communist regime (teror rule). The communist china policy of not only denying the economic benifit to Tibetan, treated as secong class people, undermining the right to pratice religion free speech & freedom to travel. Basic human right are not provided to Tibs.
The spontaneous protest throughout region is the result of 49 years of Communist rule with no respect to the Tibetan tadition and culture, religion which is the base of tib. life. Unimaginable synisism/ extreme negative critism of H.H.D.L is considered piecing a nife in Tibetan chest. This protest is a clear symbol that Tib. people can never be ruled by gun. May Chinese govt come out of day dreaming and learn to accept the ground reality for benifit of both China and Tibet.

linda perez says:

Re: try to go thruogh the TRUTH....

The hiden truth behind the protest is known by the non chinese paparazi ..the truth is chines govt,did’t let international media to cover up the situation and what is shown are the pre planned fiction vedio released by the chinese govt..just go through the ground field reality…tibetan are protesting peace fully and will continue with it,,,

Lori says:

Oh The Economist!? Well, there’s the truth if I ever heard it!

If Chinese bloggers were so eager, why were they speaking of the Chinese police force being so brutal? If the Tibetan’s were attacking random Chinese (who came to THEIR land and took over…) wouldn’t the bloggers be reporting that?

It’s all a conspiracy against China, right? You know China would NEVER commit such awful acts. NEVER!

Jake says:

Just goes to show there’s always two sides to every story, doesn’t it? Personally, I have a certain amount of sympathy with the Tibetans -non-violent protest barely works in some democracies, let alone somewhere like China- and in any case I don’t know how far I trust any of the media reports coming out of Tibet the way news reporting seems to be going these days.

Anonymous Coward says:

I can understand China’s reaction entirely, they are scared their own people might try to overthrow communism in a similar way to the Tibetans and so they try to hide all evidence that anyone’s trying.

I’m just glad the media is finally reporting on China’s atrocities, when they first invaded Tibet there was next to no attention from the media until it was all over.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who thinks there is an ounce of justice in what China is doing: [Link] (

Tsering Pasang says:

True account of recent protest in Tibet

Recent peaceful demonstration by common Tibet people is a shear desperation of extreme policy of brutality on Tibetan by China for last more than 5 decades. Particulary China is explioting all the means to convey message to the outside through their control media after taking photograph of their armed police dressed up as monk & tibetan shotting & looting shops/ bank and doing all the unthinkable action movie.
Unfortunately China can not fool outside world, China is not allowing any of the outside media people including those from Hongkong. This action is clear signal that China does not want anybody to witness the true happenings or events which may contradict their propaganda.
I prayer to all the Tibetans and commom Chinese people who died in the incidence which is totally created by the China’s government policy

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mike says:

re: Lori on Mar 17th, 2008 @ 8:00am

hang on there, the random chinese that the tibetans are attacking are just normal people living in tibet (who could still have been there even if china didn’t take over), not the actual people who “took over” so to speak.
and wait a sec, wasn’t tibet a part of china about a hundred or so years ago anyway? what’s your point? that tibet is incapable of becoming independent despite its chance when china was in turmoil?

why is it that i can’t find any info on the atrocities that china inflicted on tibet from unbiased sites/people?

John says:

No freedom and human right in china!

Well, forget abt cencorship in china, every body knows china is great wall of cencorship. .. More than this there is no even basic human right, Chinese ppl can stay under ccp coz of fear, or might be they don’t know wat is human right. Really I salut Tibetan people, with no gun, no army, peace in heart and strength in mind they are challanging all alone aganist third largest military in the world, one giant economies, dictatorship country.. Even USA can’t challange like tibetans are doing!! Tibet will be free and let’s support Tibetan cause!

Clark says:


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