Comcast Sues The FCC Over Telco Favoritism

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We’ve been pointing out that the Kevin Martin and the FCC’s opinion on certain subjects seems to change over the same issue depending on whether the issue deals with cable companies or telcos. For Martin, it seems the telcos can do no wrong, and the cable co’s can do no right. Comcast has finally had enough and has sued the FCC over the questionable 30% cap that Martin proposed last year soon after granting yet another huge telco merger. Even worse, the 30% cap seems to have been based on questionable data and without any reasonable justification. It seems punitive more than anything else. Comcast is hoping that Martin will now have to explain himself in court.

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Comments on “Comcast Sues The FCC Over Telco Favoritism”

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MaxB312 says:

This is not a red-letter week

Well, at the rate he’s going he may have to. The FCC is being sued by Comcast and the House Energy and Commerce Committee just started an investigation to see if Martin broke the law. Now the GAO released a report saying that the majority of complaints filed with the FCC go unanswered. Has this man done anything right?

John Doe says:

Comcast Should Sue, but Comcast Still Sucks

I am not a big fan of Martin either.

He has taken no action againt Comcast Torrent Filtering, AT&T Filtering, Overpriced Text Messages, Abused ETFs for contracts, the list keeps on going.

Martin should have been fired months ago and another embarrassment for the Bush Administration.

Of course that is just my opinion …

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