Law Firm Advertises That It Won't Represent Patent Trolls

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With the growing attention on the issue of “patent trolls” (a term I am not a fan of), it appears that at least one IP law firm is taking a stand. It’s come out with an advertisement in which it urges clients not to support any law firm that represents “patent trolls.” It’s certainly nice to see law firms be upfront about the fact that they believe these types of firms are abusing the patent system, even in such an in-your-face advertising manner. Hopefully tech companies will start asking their lawyers if they represent patent holding firms and will take their business elsewhere if they do. If it becomes a big enough issue, then perhaps lawyers will think twice before representing such firms.

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Comments on “Law Firm Advertises That It Won't Represent Patent Trolls”

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ttrygve (profile) says:

they probably appreciate the "patent trolls"

No matter what they think about the rampant abuse of the patent system, it does create a demand for lots of lawyers for the abuse of the system, but at the same time creates a large demand for plenty of lawyers for the defense. The firm probably doesn’t actually care about that issue, it’s just smart marketing if you’re targeting the defendants.

MLS (profile) says:

Howery "Ad"

Nothing more than an advertisement that if you are sued by a “troll”, then we are your kind of guys and gals to go to bat for you. Personally, I hate lawyer advertisements and would never use one. They remind me in a way of all the drug ads we see today on television and in print.

What is a bit unsettling, though legal, is the obvious attempt to play off “Ghostbusters”, and then to note that the play off “Troll Busters” is officially a service mark of the law firm. There was a time when trademarks were never used by law firms, and that included law firms specializing in patent, trademark, copyright and unfair competition law.

My trademark views by law firms aside, my favorite is still Morrison Foerster’s registration and use of the service mark “MoFo”.

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