Yet Another HD DVD Format Steps Into The Ring?

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Thought the format war over high definition DVD technologies was over and Blu-ray had won? Perhaps you should think again. The NY Times has a story about yet another attempt at a high definition DVD technology, this time called HD VMD. It’s not hard to predict where this one is going: it’s dead on arrival. While the company behind it insists it’s not trying to start a standards battle, it’s difficult to see how you can judge it any other way. After all, why would any studio want to go through the same mess from the past five years in arguing over which standard to release their movies on? The folks behind HD VMD seem to be banking their entire efforts on two very weak pegs: first, their system is cheaper than Blu-ray and second, their Chairman is a big shot Hollywood distributor. If that’s the case, he hasn’t been particularly effective as there are only 17 movies available in the format — and you probably wouldn’t recognize any of them. As for the cost issue, that’s dead on arrival as well. HD DVD was cheaper than Blu-ray and that didn’t help it survive. Besides, anyone who understands technology advancement curves knows that Blu-ray is going to start getting cheaper and cheaper pretty fast. The cost advantage will disappear before long. But, the single biggest factor is just that the studios know they’ve lost three or four good years of selling high def DVDs and don’t want to bother with yet another format war.

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Comments on “Yet Another HD DVD Format Steps Into The Ring?”

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Monarch says:

Blu-Ray may have won, but I still will NOT buy the PoS Blu-Ray. It’s broken, will always be broken until the DRM is dropped and the phone home is dropped. I will gladly support any format that is not Sony nor Blu-Ray!
Which until the movie studios understand what they are selling, I guess it will be DVD with upconvert DVD players!

Baloney Joe says:

Re: Re:

Are you serious? DO you honestly thing the guys in Hollywood give to rips about what you think. I sure they are having meetings weekly trying figure out “what do we have to do to get that Monarch guy to buy are stuff” By the way, DVD has DRM as well, you are just bypassing it as you steal movies from netflix… Don’t worry some day you’ll be able to pirate Blu-Ray as well, just be patient…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

Are you serious? DO you honestly thing the guys in England give to rips about what you think. I sure they are having meetings weekly trying figure out “what do we have to do to get that Baloney Joe guy to learn OUR language” By the way, America has grammar as well, you are just bypassing it as you type horribly from your keyboard… Don’t worry, someday you’ll be able to speak English as well, just be patient…

Jake says:

Re: Re: Flash or bandwidth

Doesn’t even have to be a flash drive; sell recordable discs, let users burn content onto them as they stream off the web and keep the copy-protection provisions within reason*, and I’ll take two!

*Recommended solution: Let users download each individual film as many times as they like after they’ve paid for it, but not allow them to copy it to anything but another blank disc; one might be able to set up a sort of cottage industry making copies and flogging them down the pub, but that would have the major disadvantage of being a much worse deal than buying them legitimately.

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