Trademarking Pwnage

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The folks over at Against Monopoly alert us to the fact that a Finnish software/gaming development company has applied for a US trademark on the term “pwnage” in the video game space. You’d think that the nearly 2 million Google results that show up on the term would suggest that it’s already generic and not deserving of a trademark, but I guess we’ll find out what the USPTO has to say about the matter soon enough.

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Comments on “Trademarking Pwnage”

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Tarielen says:

Re: Good?

How is it a good thing to have a word that’s been used for years taken away from the gaming community because some suits want to get some free advertisement? the word ‘pwnage’ is almost as important as the word ‘noob’ which are both strong pillars of bringing gamers from around the world to become a single and whole community. Language has been a barrier all around the world and gamers have breached the barrier with their l33t sp34k. To have a company try and take away words that have been used for years just to make money is frankly an insult to gamers. So, no, I do not think it is a “good” thing to make people stop sp34king l33t.

PRMan (user link) says:

Name of a Game?

If they are trademarking the name of a game called “PWNAGE” then by all means, let them. Notice that there are games with trademarked names that consist of other plainer words like “Doom” and “Descent” and “Portal”.

It doesn’t mean they’re going to sue everyone in existence for using the word “pwnage”, just everyone who tries to make a game with that name.

Charlie Potatoes (profile) says:


Actually…if you google my name it will offer a link to urban dictionary where it will say that I created the definitive definition (or is that redundant?)…for pwnz, which is the infinitive of the word in question. So I think that I own the word and I will sue everyone, including Google and Tech Dirt if I don’t get paid a lot of money. I am certain there is some justifiable reason for this…

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