Apple Sued Over Caller ID On The iPhone

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For all the talk about how Apple patented so many different aspects of the iPhone, it really hasn’t stopped a ton of iPhone-related patent infringement lawsuits against Apple. Bill Squier writes in to let us know of the latest. Someone is suing Apple over a patent on the iPhone’s caller ID feature. Yes, apparently, the patent covers matching up the phone number of an incoming call with a local contact database to display who is calling. Of course, the patent also talks about a two-line LCD display and a separate receiver, which aren’t exactly a part of the iPhone these days.

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Comments on “Apple Sued Over Caller ID On The iPhone”

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ScaredOfTheMan says:

You want to?

You want to jump start the current economy? Then realease the patents, all of the…make them public domain. The subsequent feeding and innovation frenzy that’s sure to follow will help pull us out of this rut.

Look at the 2 fastest growing economies China and India, its quickly evident how much “innovation” a patent in China encourages. Let loose the tiger of American ingenuity and free it from its current cage of absurd patent litigation in obscure east Texas towns.

SPSteve says:

Patents are usless anyways

In 1991, I tried to patent something I called the Electro Chemical Generator, which was a means of using water vapor for fuel.

It was refused by the patent office, who called it a perpetual motion device, when it clearly was not, as it ran on proven chemical and physics principles. In my patent application, I listed the potential use was for Vehicles, Homes (heat and electricity), and aircraft.

Sounds fishy?
Ever wonder how difficult it is to get your hands on a patent application that was never approved?

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