Julius Baer Defends Wikileaks Shut Down; Digs A Deeper Hole

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The “Wikileaks” shutdown situation continues. The Associated Press covered the story late yesterday, noting how Julius Baer’s lawyers were apparently unfamiliar with the concept of the Streisand Effect, and how the attempt to get Wikileaks taken offline would only get it — and the content the company was trying to hide — a lot more attention. Today, Julius Baer has finally made a statement on the matter, claiming a variety of contradictory things. It says that it didn’t want the entire site taken offline, but hasn’t asked the court to reverse its order shutting down the site. As Slashdot points out, the bank also seems to be claiming that the controversial documents in question need to be taken offline both because they’re forged and also because they reveal confidential info. While it is possible that a forged document would also have some legitimate confidential info, it does seem like a strange defense to bring up both of these things. At the very least, it certainly seems like the bank keeps digging itself a deeper and deeper hole. If it really was afraid that having this content out there would make things worse in its ongoing legal battles, things seem a lot worse now as many more people are aware of the documents.

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Comments on “Julius Baer Defends Wikileaks Shut Down; Digs A Deeper Hole”

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Enrico Suarve says:

Re: Curious?

Since there’s been several mapping developments since 2003 – here’s Barbara’s home in Google maps (just doing my bit to keep the effect alive)


Hopefully the fun will never end and she’ll sue Google for the entry in Google Earth

Posted as part payback for all the crappy musicals my mum made me watch growing up ;0)

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