Motorola: Since We're Not Innovating, We'll Litigate Over Patents

from the suing-RIM dept

We recently noted the challenges facing Motorola, as it’s been unable to continue to innovate in a way that customers desire in the handset business. Unfortunately, it looks like Motorola is choosing the all-too-common strategy among those who fail in the marketplace: they start suing for patent infringement. Motorola has now decided that since it hasn’t been able to beat RIM’s Blackberry in the marketplace, it’s simply going to sue the company for patent infringement instead. Of course, as in any good patent nuclear war, RIM has fired back with its own patent infringement countersuit, meaning that both companies will be tied up with lawyers and judges, throwing away money that could have gone towards actually innovating and actually competing in the marketplace.

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Comments on “Motorola: Since We're Not Innovating, We'll Litigate Over Patents”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Wow

Fascinating. I’m curious if you could point to failed businesses that “post dreary horse shit.” I’d be rather surprised to find out that it’s a trend.

Yes, I know you’re trying to be sarcastic, but I’ll let you in on a secret: sarcasm has to have some basis in reality. Otherwise it doesn’t actually prove the point you were trying to prove.

This is the second time tonight, Paul, that you’ve tried and failed to actually prove a point. We’ve had this discussion before, and it doesn’t seem to do much good, but I’ll try again. I have no problem if you disagree with me. But, if you disagree with me, I’d appreciate it if you actually posted arguments that explained why you disagreed with me rather than trying to post mocking statements that only display your own ignorance.

Anonymous Coward says:

Radio Hams should watch this carefully

Motorola has been reported to be buying Yaesu. If Motorola is having a problem innovating and focusing on lawsuits, could this impact Yaesu? Radio hams should consider carefully any near term purchases, especially big ticket items. Perhaps a bit of caution or allowing the situation to clarify before spending big money on a new Yaesu rig would be prudent.

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