Time For Congress Folks To Go Digital

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Two separate agencies that supply Congress with important reports, have simultaneously recognized that they’re wasting a ton of money printing up reports for Congress critters each year. Both the Government Accountability Office (the GAO) and the Office of Management and Budget have announced plans to stop printing out the reports they deliver to Congress. Instead, they’ll be delivered electronically, saving the agencies somewhere around a combined $0.5 million/year in printing costs. That’s a tiny amount in the grand scheme of things, and you might argue that Congress will simply spend that (or maybe even more, given the way they spend) taking the electronic copies and printing them out themselves — but it certainly seems like a reasonable point for Congress members to at least start recognizing that there’s a digital age going on out there.

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Comments on “Time For Congress Folks To Go Digital”

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Ljlego says:


Congressmen and women spending the saved half-million dollars on printouts shouldn’t be as much of a problem, because, while there are certainly people who will print it out, the vast majority either (a) couldn’t be bothered to do so, or (b) not do so at work. Perhaps if they privatized some of the expenses that Congress has to dole out (such as printouts and the like, reasonable of course), then we could take at least a small step out of the mire that we’re in.

Micah says:

Re: Re: Congress Printouts, OMB

Lockheed Martin provides tech support for more than half of the House offices and they do not support Macs at all. They make proprietary software that only functions with Internet Explorer. We use Macs in our office because we use a better maintenance firm, but I still have to run parallels to use LM’s software solution.

upstate.dem says:

Re: Congress Printouts, OMB

The staffer’s preference for Mac is not where he/she thinks the savings would be its from stoping the government contractor leasing PCs at outrageous rates (ie the mention of Lockheed-Martin). As far as your insult to him/her for being a staffe not a thinker or doer, well you are not too much of reader since the staffer commented that everything is already in PDF form and no one uses the printed reports in congress.

Gary Miller says:

Video Conferencing

They need to go a step further amd allow the Congress and Senate to teleconference in for voting and committee meetings. Having our government centralised in one small city that could be wiped out by a nuclear device delivered on the back of a pickup truck is way to risky in this day of age. Soon it will be within the reach of many petty dictatorships to either obtain nuclear weapons or buy them on the international black market. Countries like Iran and Syria will not risk head on annihalation by going to war with us directly but they will provide terrorist groups the means to do it for them.

Bah who needs one (user link) says:

“It certainly seems like a reasonable point for Congress members to at least start recognizing that there’s a digital age going on out there.”

That’s what I’m afraid of. First they recognize that there’s a digital age going on out there. Then they start legislating to regulate it.

Hands off my Internet!

John: online voting (and vote-by-mail and other forms of absentee voting) destroys ballot secrecy and results in voter coercion and vote-buying. It’s pretty much a nonstarter.

Gas_gas_gas says:

A lot of ignorance

For instance: Baloo, download the pdf and change the permissions to print. PC vs. Mac is a valid argument when you’re talking about what companies get lucrative government contracts. Bah who needs one, Congress already regulates things digital. Gary Miller, the government is not ‘centralised in one small city.’ Grow up. More and more, techdirt comments seem to come from high school kids or twenty-somethings who know nothing about technology beyond the basics of double-clicking on Word or IE. It says a lot that the government staffer shines over the rest of you.

valarie (user link) says:

Re: A lot of ignorance

this is what you have forgotten that the united nations ordered all nations to go digital by 2012, you may think your right but your wrong, coming from someone who has not graduated high school but is very much in my 40’s and know that the government does want us to go digital. except for one thing most people don’t know this unless they have worked for a telecommuncations agencey before. most americans are real, we read, we are well americans. you are not as GAS,GAS,GAS; you are a coward for not giving your real name. you may think you are a man but you are a coward for attacking poeple on the net. an educated man would know when to fight pick his fights and most all when them all. know the law. check fcc.gov; do your home work idiot.

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