Third Time's A Charm For Turkish YouTube Ban? Maybe This Time The Video Will REALLY Disappear

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The Associated Press is reporting that a Turkish court has banned YouTube access from the country for the second time, once again for a video that “insults” the country’s founder. It’s actually the third (not second) time a court has banned YouTube for the same reason. The first was back in March, though the ban was lifted a few days later. The second time was back in September, though apparently the ban was never implemented. This time, however, the full ban is in place again. You would think, given the earlier experiences with these “bans” that clearly did not stop such videos from getting online the courts might realize what a silly idea it is to ban all of YouTube. You might even think that the Turkish courts would realize that every time they ban YouTube for one of these silly immature videos, those videos suddenly gain a much broader worldwide audience. However, it appears that such things haven’t occurred to the judges there. Perhaps they really think that banning YouTube will solve the problem this time and no one will ever speak ill of Turkey’s founder ever again.

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Comments on “Third Time's A Charm For Turkish YouTube Ban? Maybe This Time The Video Will REALLY Disappear”

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Niftyswell says:

Re: Re:

Strange how the people who arent all that patriotic support and encourage the right to on one hand …

1) use that right to disparage the president openly in virtually every mainstream television media outlet

while on the other hand

2) seek to restrict the rights of those in the opposite party from expressing their views on the radio air waves via the ‘fairness doctrine’

I am not on the Bush fanboy wagon…but I am on the freedom wagon and am very wary when people seek to suppress dissenting opinion.

mikecancook (profile) says:

The inter-tubes

Personally, I think that every incoming and outgoing internet connection for every country should go through a sort of checkpoint right at the border. These checkpoints should be manned by two very inept guards with no understanding of technology or basic algebra.

Anything that comes in that is objectionable to the laws, majority religions or any particular political figure trying to make a name for himself can be “converted” into non-objectionable content that will continue to satiate the masses into the false sense of security that no one out there hates anyone for any differences that have accumulated since the beginning of time.

I for one will be the guy in the corner will the silly grin. Oh, I think a koala just crapped a rainbow in my brain. yay!

Yes, this was a stupid post, but I think it makes just as much sense as a court banning Youtube or any other inter-tube.

Orhun says:

Mind Behind

The mind behind the banning is
“Hey youtube, You have been insulting Turkish Republic By broadcasting those kind of videos. If you don’t autocontrol your self, I cut the lines so you none of your site contents wilbe shown including ads.” Moreover youtube knows to cut illegal content such as porn, violance etc. They should cut political, religonal humilating videos…
You shouldn’t forget that freedom has limits to another freedom.

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