Then Again, Perhaps Technology Is Good For Modern Stories

from the not-such-a-bad-thing dept

A few weeks ago, we pointed to an article claiming that modern technology was making it harder to write interesting “thriller” or “mystery” movie plots, since it was (according to the author) tougher to come up with plausible storylines that wouldn’t be ruined by a character holding a mobile phone. That seemed like a bit of a stretch, but now we have the flipside to that, which is that authors of mystery stories claim that the web has been tremendously useful in helping them come up with important details to make their plots and stories more realistic. They track crime reports, learn new jargon, look up maps of locations, understand weapons and generally get the extra info they need to make the story feel more realistic. So, perhaps story writing hasn’t been killed off by technology after all.

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Comments on “Then Again, Perhaps Technology Is Good For Modern Stories”

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Pitabred says:

"This is UNIX. I know this!"

And that security camera in the lobby really can zoom in 50x to make out the license plate of the truck across the street from the bank.

Technology may help people “come up” with important details, but they also completely twist the non-technical people’s understanding of technology. People don’t know why you can’t just erase that big butt from in front of their face in the picture… they do it in the movies. Or hack into a mainframe while watching 3D cityscapes fly by.

Tech isn’t good or bad for movies. It’s just changed them, sometimes for the better, oftentimes for the worse, mostly dependent on how lazy and/or stupid the writers and directors are.

Rosamunda (user link) says:

We are talking of two different things here...

I think both perspectives have some strong points in favor.
But besides that, I think you´re talking of two different things here.
One thing is that authors can reach better, or faster, or more accurately information because of the technology, and another very different thing is that technology ruins those plots itself.
I personally don´t think technology ruined them, and maybe authors just won´t came up with better ideas (that´s not tech fault after all!), but, then again, there are two different thing.
Sorry for my lousy grammar, as an argentinian my spanish is far better 😉


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