Amazon Patents Catching Customers' Mistakes

from the everyone-else-must-leave-errors-alone dept

theodp writes "In a timely follow-up to the Did Amazon Cash In Big On Oprah Viewers’ Confusion? item, the USPTO granted Amazon a patent Tuesday for Automatically Identifying Erroneous Orders, which means that trying to stop your customers from placing an incorrect order now constitutes patent infringement." Can someone please explain to me why this deserves a monopoly?

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Comments on “Amazon Patents Catching Customers' Mistakes”

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Amanya Wannahearfrom says:

Feedback- dont worry about it. how about Johnny Le

As long as a given, new, means of suchlike detection can be demonstrated, it can have a patent without the problems your article presumes. There are countless methodologies to attain this goal.
How about some TECH DIRT. Example:

Johnny Lee and his 40 dollar Wii virtual desktop

(with a Wii-mote he demos a HDTV apparently projecting an image (that is how it appears)three feet in FRONT OF THE TV and far behind it also.

Mr Lee explains how this tech can be used TODAY for 40 bucks as a virtual whiteboard, a virtual game display system.
Mr Lee presents two of many variations of this tech.

Final: This is the future of TV, Computer, Fitness, Gaming, and nobody is even whispering about it?

What am I missing?

An informant is no good without my own dirt:

Please see Johnny Lee VR Wii and CMU (carnegie mellon univ) on youtube for the video demos.

Now that is Tech! and I want the Dirt on it!

Mike Mech

John says:

Amazon Patents Catching Customers' Mistakes

We need to separate the WHAT from the HOW.
A patent contains specific details on HOW the invention works.
The title states WHAT the invention is.
I could file a patent for a “Personal Non-spill Gasoline Transportation Device”, a.k.a. a gas can. I would have to describe in detail how it works. My patent prevents others from making a gas can that WORKS THE SAME WAY as mine does, because they would have to copy/use my idea and are making money off of it. My patent does NOT prevent others from making gas cans, just not like mine.

In this case, the patent covers HOW Amazon prevents customers mistakes, not WHAT it does. This would not prevent me from writing a program that did THE SAME THING, but in a DIFFERENT WAY.

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