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Amazon's One-Click Patent Fix Rejected Again… for Now

from the back-and-forth dept

The back and forth over Amazon’s infamous one-click patent has gone “back” again. Back in October we noted that, after many years and a few false starts, the USPTO had rejected a bunch of the patent’s claims. However, as we noted at the time, the process was far from over. Patent reviews are a ridiculously complex process that take a hell of a lot longer than they should, and involve a lot of back-and-forth, often with many “non-final” rulings that go back and forth before anything is finally established. In fact, Amazon word-smithed the patent and tried to get the patent office to reinstate the claims. Luckily, however, the USPTO isn’t buying it and is rejecting the rewritten claims… though, it’s still not final. And people wonder why the patent office is overworked and why many people are pushing for a more efficient process to review patents.

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