Guitar Hero Gets To Rock On For Now

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Last month we wrote about how the 80s rock band the Romantics was suing Activision for a version of its video game Guitar Hero. That game used a cover of a Romantics hit, which was properly licensed. However, the Romantics claimed that the cover was too good and too close to the original and wanted to be paid for a full performance license, rather than just for the cover. Otherwise, they wanted to halt sales of the game. Luckily, a judge has turned down their request for a summary judgment, noting that an injunction right before the holidays would have a profound impact on Activision’s sales of the game. The judge also noted that the band did not “show a substantial likelihood of prevailing on the merits of the case.” Apparently, the judge was less-than-impressed by the fact that the band’s own lawyer admitted that this was “all about the money.”

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Comments on “Guitar Hero Gets To Rock On For Now”

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Wisely Anonymous says:

What would you do?

Let’s see you in the same situation. You’d go for the cash, too. You’d be a fool not to, unless you already have more cash than you could possibly need. Not many people on the planet are that rich.

It’s easy to criticize.

If I had written a song and was earning a patheticly low royalty while someone else was reselling it for big bucks, I’d feel ripped off as well.

Shun says:

Publicity Scam?

Where is the logic in this? Won’t the Romantics get paid more if more copies of Guitar Hero are sold? What’s the point of attempting to stop sales? Would you rather see 4 cents per copy sold, or none at all? (Using the WGA strike numbers as a baseline) Aside from the “free” publicity, I don’t see how their actions contribute to the enjoyment of their music to all of their adoring fans, if they even have any, now.

And just how can you demand a performance license if the people who performed the song actually were not the members of the band? Was there some spirit channeling going on?

Here’s a suggestion, guys: practice! Then release a single, or something, which is “better” than the version on Guitar Hero. That is, if you can.

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