Consumers May Get Temporary Reprieve As Canadian DMCA Is Delayed

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A few weeks ago, Michael Geist began calling attention to plans in Canada to introduce a copyright reform bill that seemed to basically give Hollywood everything it wanted. This resulted in protests, phone calls, emails, letters, faxes and many other forms of communication as concerned Canadian citizens made it clear to their government that they did not appreciate being sold out while having copyright reform turned into the Entertainment Industry Welfare Act. While the Industry Minister Jim Prentice tried to weakly defend the forthcoming bill, it seems that the outpouring of protest has resulted in a temporary victory, as it appears that the introduction of the bill will be delayed. Hopefully, the delay is to actually spend some time understanding the issues, rather than trying to wait for those pesky citizens to quiet down so the bill can be introduced with less fanfare.

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Comments on “Consumers May Get Temporary Reprieve As Canadian DMCA Is Delayed”

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Anonymous Coward says:

outcry? Mention?

I heard either outcry nor even any mention of this. I’m glad for those who did cry out — I didn’t even see a part where it was even suggested, aside from stories I have read on the net.

In new canuckistan we seem to have a handle on keeping important news of newcanuckistanis’ rights safely quiet where they won’t upset or jostle the cud-chewing voters.

Chris Brand (user link) says:

following the issue

The best resource is undoubtedly Michael Geist’s blog.
There’s also and Cory Doctorow follows it on Boing Boing.
Of course, it’s also been mentioned in the Ottawa Citizen, National Post and on CBC, but that was mostly reporting on the protest over the bill, rather than reporting the bill itself.

It’s important to note that this is only a delay, and we don’t know how long a delay. It could be a couple of days while they decide how to spin it, or it could be a few weeks for a minor re-write.

If you haven’t already done so, write to your MP. Snail mail to their Ottawa office is free.

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